I am thinking of doing an experiment....?

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Right now, I go out chasing women on average 4 nights a week. That's not counting all of the random encounters in my everyday life. So I was thinking how much of my life this is consuming. The experiment; for one year I will not have s*x with, date or agressively flirt with any woman. I was wondering how much time I would get back and whether or not my perceptions of the world would change. Have any of you tried anything like this? If so, what results did you have? If not, what do you think I will find?




  1. Ew you should get your self tested for STDS dirty boy!!

  2. Yes, I've done that to get my life in order and focus on other things. Its never been an "experiment" for me... just something I HAD to do.

    All that happens to you is you get horny and a little "rusty" at the "game". Your perceptions don't change unless they were weak to begin with. The beginning is the hardest part because the cravings for s*x are almost uncontrollable. But over time, you learn to relax and control your s*x drive.

    Believe it or not... you can become a sexual camel if you find enough things to distract yourself.

    Nothing you can't bounce back from relatively quickly.

  3. And this "experiment" is retroactive, beginning since always, right?

  4. yeah sort of but not really!

    I didn't give up s*x but gave up on finding mr right!

    oddly enought gave up dating too for the most part!  

    just kept a few buddies around if you know what i mean!

    I worked on myself in that time!  (free time as you will see)

    so i bettered me and i'm not engaged to get married to the most perfect complement to myself is my partner!  6/5/10

    YIPPY 3 years of not dating and i only gave in because i found my mr perfect!

  5. I did that for quite a long time, and I ended up getting a lot more attention from guys. This eventually helped me understand that they don't distract you from the rest of your life unless you let them.

  6. Have you ever watched the movie "40 Days and 40 Nights" with Josh Hartnett. He gives up s*x and everything sexual for Lent. He just about goes Bonkers. I think you're giving up an awful lot of vices at once. It's kind of like deciding to diet, quit smoking and stop drinking caffeine all at once. It's a good idea, but pretty unrealistic. LOL

  7. i think you would unhappy if you did this experiment, humans are whole beings. you can love women sexually but also love them for their personality and their mind

  8. Nope, I haven't. But if you really want to stop having s*x, no flirting and change your perceptions of the world, the prefect place to do all of those things is in a monastery. Or go to some third world country.

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