Ladies would you be mad at your boyfriend if he wont have s*x with you unless you take the pill ? PT2?

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This is pt.2 to my earlier question(same title without the PT2). Thanks for answering my question and here I go......Shouldn't women take responsibility with birth control pills just in case condom break/rip/whatever. I know it causes weight gain and etc. But would I would rather take the pill and say at least I TRIED to not get pregnant, ya know. Ladies take the pill please . Would you want an bigger chance of a unexpected baby or weight's obvious. What do y'all think ?




  1. well like it or not only women get pregnant, so ultimately it is their responsibility to not get pregnant.

  2. Weight gain isn't the only side effect. Low s*x drive is one of the main side effects and after coming off the pill recently aftre about 7 years I certainly will NOT be going on it again.

    Seriously, is it worth losing your s*x drive? Nothing is worth that.

  3. I'm gonna have to agree with the first answer up above. I swear ppl really do blame their weight gain on any and everything nowadays.  I have never had a problem with my weight while on any form of birth control (and believe me, I've tried em all! LOL). I don't see any problem with your boyfriends request however, even the pill ain't 100%. I got pregnant while on the pill and while using a condom.  The condom busted and the pill failed me.  Now I have a 10 month old baby boy bc of it all.  The best accident I've ever made ;)

  4. I don't use the pill (never have) but weight gain is one of the top side effects.  You women who don't have that should be happpy.  The pill is hormonal and can effect every women diff just like pregnancy does.  If you are having any doubts about the pill or it's long lasting effects, try Natural Family Planning.  It's 99% effective and you and your hubby do it together.


  5. I've been in this position before. I didn't want to go on the pill because, yes, there are side effects, and I was in a long-distance relationship at the time and didn't want my body to go through all of that when I was only going to see him for two weeks at a time every couple of months. My argument was, it's two weeks, you can wear a condom for two weeks. It's not that big of a deal compared to all of the hormonal fluctuations I would have to go through just to go on the pill for a month and then go off of it the next month. I think I did eventually go on the pill for that one month, but only because I'm in college and my mother said, "If your condom breaks at any point while you're home visiting, I'm not helping you pay for emergency contraception or an abortion."  In the end, I figured the hormonal fluctuations were worth it if it meant I wouldn't have a baby.  

  6. I say why worry about it. Women have killed 50 million unborn babies since 1976. That's 1.5 million per year.

  7. I've never come across a man who refused to have s*x - for any reason!  Is it possible?

    Edit:  Rather than risk a pregnancy and not wanting to put hormones into my body, I persuaded my husband to have a vasectomy.  We've never looked back.

  8. Well, the pill can also cause other complications - deep vein thrombosis and increased risk of certain cancers to name a few.  It's a personal decision.  With fertility monitoring, you can also predict your fertility with fairly good accuracy and avoid manipulating your system with synthesized hormones.  The pill is still relatively new and we don't know all of what it does, plus its just another way for males (running pharmaceutical companies) to profit from the supposed liberation of women.  That is to say, we're free to sleep with them (joy.) without the risk of getting pregnant and they get to make a profit. How lucky.  

  9. Yeah, I would be.  Only because he shouldn't be asking me to take a pill with obvious side effects.  Shouldn't he have some compassion???  And so what if something goes wrong?  Shouldn't s*x with me be worth the risk?

  10. I've never heard of weight gain on the pill.  Maybe you just need to do some pushups--away from the dinner table.

  11. Most do.  However there are some contraindications to every woman taking hormonal contraceptives.  

  12. I think I'll warn my son that ANY woman who gets angry at this INTENDS to get pregnant, and INTENDS to collect child support.

  13. I think the pill turns me into a crazy person with pimples the size of jupiter.  It was like the worst PMS I ever had times 10.  I'd rather just never have s*x than go back on the pill if those were my only 2 choices.  If my husband wouldn't have s*x with me if I were not on the pill... well, I guess there would be no more s*x for us.

    Fortunately, there are other more or less reasonable options for people who don't want kids, such as the IUD, the tubal ligation, or the spermicidal foam+cervical cap+condom.

  14. Weight gain? People will blame their laziness and poor diets on anything nowadays. I've never experienced weight gain on the pill.

    Women are encouraged to force the man to wear condoms, so why should they be upset if the man refuses s*x until she takes the pill? Making a baby takes two...preventing it should take two as well.

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