Women, do you think Hillary was treated unfairly by the DNC?

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Also if you do will you still vote for Obama?





  1. Truth be told, I think most of the DNC would have preferred Clinton.  She has alot of political connections and is more of a traditional politician than Obama.  However, once the pendulum started to swing toward Obama, they had no choice but to move to support him.  I will definitely vote for Obama, even though I preferred Clinton.  When the chips are down, the President is just a figurhead for a party.  If the Democrats want to get their agenda made into law, they will need a President of their own party.  Otherwise, look for four more years of gridlock.

  2. No, I don't think the DNC had any hand in her loss. The fact is that she didn't campaign as well as he did.

  3. I don't know what the DNC is. I would vote for Obama but I'm Canadian.

  4. It seems that the liberals have chosen Sen. Barak Hussein Obama in the voting over Sen. Hillary Clinton. I don't think the DNC had any choice but I'm not an expert on such matters. ♥ ∞

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