Are most feminists lezzers at heart?

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Are most feminists lezzers at heart?




  1. Nooo!


  2. Errrrmmmmm....... NO - feminists tend to be strong, independent women!!!

    You don't have to be a L*****n to know your own mind and express it!!!!

    I see you've got a lot of stick for the word 'lezzers' - well, I love it!!!  The equivalent abbreviation as the male term 'homo'!!!

  3. Oh boy I have a clone............this really all you have to do on a monday?

    No most feminist arnt lezzers.

  4. What the heck is a "lezzer"?

  5. what are lezzers? Dont pick on me, I am almost 30 and I am losing my contact with the "cool" crowd as every day goes by... I am not hip to the new lingo anymore.

  6. yea i think that is so

  7. No, it seems that they use that general stereotype to there advantage though... My example is too long to explain, just deal with it.

  8. "lezzers?" don't you have summer reading to do, or something? that book report isn't going to write itself you know.  

  9. Go away, troll.

  10. Not all. There's all sorts. Lesbians, men haters but also ordinary women

  11. Yes! I hate them sooo much!

  12. yes. deal with it!!!!

  13. What a stupid question.

  14. The feminist movement has been hi-jacked by man-hating lumberjacks. These stupid heterosexual women that follow them are taking on their agenda without realizing it.

  15. Nope A sexual...dont need anyone

  16. You're kidding right?

  17. matter how many thousands and thousands of times this question is posted in a week, it's still relevant and fascinating........adding "lezzers" was such a unique really have a knack for this you know........i knew that yesterday when you posted one of your first questions "why do people wear underpants" that we were in the presence of greatness......thought you were gonna be a one-hit wonder but you've exceeded all my expectations...............................

  18. I don't think its a big deal and I have nothing against lesbians, but its only stating the truth to say that feminism is no stranger to L*****n membership. In fact during the 1970s there was a whole movement towards women setting up communes away from men. These places were started by lesbians but encouraged other women to join in e.g. “As L*****n separatists we believe… the first step [for our safety from men’s violence] is to… separate from men”. In the 1994 issue of The Journal of Women in Culture

  19. What a strange question.  It's a bit like saying that men who enjoy playing rugby do so because they like the close contact in the scrum.

    No - feminists are so because they don't like being subordinate to a man, or being classed as second best, simply because of their gender.

    And your question shows how superior women can be to the male species.

  20. More like men haters...They have a miss guided idea that all men are somehow suppressers of women in both careers and marrige.. I just ignore them and let them whine on..

  21. just the ugly ones, the rest are bi.

  22. 28 answers. You really rattled their cages.

    Answer. No.  

  23. No, just smart:)

  24. Yes they are. Scientific research has found a link between gender bias and homosexuality (e.g Sandra Bemm PH.D).

    Also check out the pink swashtika that reveals how the n***s were essentially a homosexual movement

  25. No some just have dominant personalities. In some of the ancient tribes women ran the show.  

  26. Are most men who are individualists homosexual at heart?

  27. "At heart?" As opposed to in reality?

    I don't know, but any who uses the word "lezzers" is a dumbass douche hose, in reality.  

  28. no.

    and i think the term "lezzers" is a little bit rude.  

  29. "Lezzers." You must be educated, well beyond your intelligence! The answer to your 'question' is; no. It is just, that, women, nowadays, consider themselves to be; equal to men. And about time too.

  30. Yes. They are. All of them. Totally lezzer. Every last one of the feminists are lezzers.

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