What kind of woman are you?

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Do you prefer sleeping in a s**y nightie or chaste flannel?




  1. I'm a microfiber chemise gal.. or one of my guys undershirts...

    why does it matter?

  2. nighty or nude ;)

  3. Just a t shirt and nothing more..I get warm in the night

  4. Only those two choices?????

  5. When my husband is at home, I don't wear anything in bed.  When he is away, I wear cotton pyjamas, not flannel which is far too hot.

  6. <<<------- What do you think?  ;-)

  7. Nudie-naked.

  8. In the nuddy!

  9. If those were my only two options, I'd take the nightie. But I sleep in tank tops.

  10. i just sleep in undies!!

    and my partner i use him as a pillow/blanket if i'm cold!

  11. Depends on my mood. If I want to get laid - the nightie. If I'm cold - the flannel pj's. Any other time - nothing but socks.  

  12. I've slept naked since I was 21, when I was still single.

    IF I sleep with clothes, it's only a big ol floppy t-shirt and a loose pair of shorts.

    I have too many dogs and my husband is too tall and spread-y out for me to ever be cold in bed.

    And what's the point of s**y lingerie when it only stays on for about 23 seconds?

  13. I'm a happy woman. :)

    I usually just sleep in a strappy top and pants, or pj bottoms if it's cold. I have some silky things for special occasions.  

  14. I love sleeping in the nude... but if I had to choose, I would pick a nightie !!

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