Sitting Volleyball Clinic slated for today in Winnipeg, Canada – Volleyball news

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Sitting Volleyball Clinic slated for today in Winnipeg, Canada – Volleyball news
The Volleyball Canada is holding a Sitting Volleyball Coaching Clinic on Saturday, January 28 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which will start at 9am.
The Duckworth Centre in the University of Winnipeg will provide necessary arrangement for the activity. This is going to be the First Contact Coaching Program of Volleyball Canada’s Sitting Volleyball in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The National Team Sitting Volleyball Coaches are supposed to conduct this volleyball clinic and they will teach the participants about the sport of Sitting Volleyball.
The aspiring coaches of the local clubs are encouraged to attend the clinic, in order to benefit from the opportunity and to enhance their knowledge of the game. The professional instructors will throw light on high-level sitting volleyball principles.
The Winnipeg Sitting Volleyball Coaches clinic will serve the main objectives of building participation and building capacity. The attendees of the coaching clinic will get to learn about following aspects of the game:

Ball control fundamental Fundamental movement skills Training session design and delivery Game strategies Benefits of sitting volleyball for conventional volleyball
The Canadian Paralympic Committee and Sports Canada are the major financial contributors for this coaching course. This is totally free of cost training for the club coaches by the National Team coaching staff of Canada’s Sitting Volleyball. Previously,
two similar kinds of coaches training programs were held in Ottawa and Montreal in 2011.
The participants of the coaching course will be provided with necessary items and material, in order to maximize the learning opportunities. They will be presented with a Sitting Volleyball Coaching Manual and some other reading material will also be given
to them. Two courts will be set up for more than 16 participants. Moreover, the proper classrooms will be set up which will be equipped with audio and visual supports.
An LCD Projector and screen will be used for showing different presentations, while the flip chart and white board will also be available as writing surface.
The Volleyball Canada’s Sitting Volleyball is hopeful to achieve desired results out of the workshop. The last two clinics proved to be great success and this one is also going to fulfil its objectives.



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