Hall Green: Intertrack Runners Up (Heat 1) – Preview

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Hall Green: Intertrack Runners Up (Heat 1) – Preview 
Hall Green racing track is set to host Bags Intertrack Runners Up (A3) Heat 1 today, February 8 at 12:47. With the prize money of £97, it will be a Grade A3 event on the 480m flat course.
Following greyhounds are lined-up to run.
1: Ballybride Black
2: Kildallon Star
3: Westmead Newcall
4: Droopys Kitty
5: Lets Go Liv
6: Winner Takes It
Now we take a glance on the career stats of all the six in a bid to figure, who will win today’s contest. This is an exclusive presentation of Bettor.Com for the bookmakers.
 Ballybride Black
The trainee of B Hall won his last race on January, 13. This victory came after a gap of five failures. Since the very beginning of his career, the black dog has been winning consistently. His career is free of any lean patch, however, he has not got
a favourite tag since September, 2011.
The son of Hades Rocket, out of Creevy Princess is greatly reliable, and the last month’s success has perked up his confidence too. The dog is likely to do well today and probably finish second.
Kildallon Star
Trained by G Ballentine, the white and black b***h won a single race in the whole of 2011, and that win came in December last year. She finished fifth in her last race on February 3.

As a whole, the daughter of Premier County, out of Linger has just five triumphs to her credit. The b***h made her debut in March, 2010. She does not seem to be getting any of the top three spots.
Westmead Newcall
The G Bakewell-trained dog won his last race on December 12, 2011. Since then, he has lost seven races in a row. The novice runner has bagged seven victories so far including a hat-trick which came in August-September, 2011. His ongoing lean patch
does not suggest that he will do anything impressive today. He too is not likely to attain any of the top three ranks.
Droopys Kitty
Since November 2011, the trainee of P Sallis has won just one race. However, she has run with the favourite tag for at least six times. In her second and third last races, she was sent as the 2-1 favourite.

As a whole, the veteran hound has an excellent track record. She had an amazing hat-trick in July-August 2009. The daughter of Westmead Hawk, out of Droopys Rena will surely fight for the top spot today. She has 70 percent chances to win.
Lets Go Liv
During the last couple of months, the J Meek-trained b***h did not win a single race. She last won on November 29, 2011. She earned three victories, which came after a long lean patch of 11 failures, during that month. The young b***h won first three
races of her career in March, 2011. Though she possesses immense talent, but her recent stats do let her down in terms of predicting what she will do in today’s fixture.
Winner Takes It
Trained by C Kyme, the black dog has won three out of his total 11 races so far. The novice hound achieved his last victory on January 11, 2012. He has not been a favourite for a single time so far. The son of Cabra Cool, out of Amandas Josie will
struggle for success today. All in all he has 40 percent chances to win.
The above-mentioned statistical analysis suggests that only two hounds named as Droopys Kitty and Lets Go Liv will have a stern battle for the Heat’s title. Out of the two, Droopys Kitty has more chances of finishing first. Winner Takes It will make
things more interesting if he can break swiftly and go for the wire.



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