Hall Green: The Hall Green Bags Intertrack Runners Up Final – Preview (Part 1)

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Hall Green: The Hall Green Bags Intertrack Runners Up Final – Preview (Part 1)
Hall Green greyhound racing track will host a high-voltage final race: The Hall Green Bags Intertrack Runners Up event on Wednesday, February 1.

This contest will follow three back-to-back Heats. It will be a Grade A2 race of 480m on a flat track. The total prize money for the race will be £272.
The six hounds, who are set to test their mettle tomorrow are:
Westmead Luke,
Dukes Pearl,
Bernies Den,
Chicago Grey,
Ballymac Gain, and
Gotoon Picasso.
Bettor.Com presents a brief overview of each of the competitors in light of his/her key career records, and notable skills in a bid to assist the bookmakers to bet on the right runner.
Westmead Luke
Trained by G Bakewell, Westmead Luke has not won a single race since the last couple of months. The fawn dog’s most recent victory came on November 19, 2011.

After making his debut on June 29, 2010, he could not win till the next four months. Afterwards, he remained off-coloured throughout his career, winning a race after every five to six defeats.
However, the son of Ballymac Maeve, out of Westmead Liz has at least 8 favourite tags to his credit. As a whole, he is rated as a below-average runner marked with inconsistency, and sluggishness. He is not likely to make an impact in the final clash.

Dukes Pearl
Dukes Pearl, a blue b***h trained by C. Andrews, won her last race on December 10, 2011. After that, she has had four consecutive defeats with big margins of 4, 6 or 5 lengths.  
The b***h started her career on June 1, 2010, finishing second in the first three races.
Afterwards, the brilliant racer registered an outstanding hat-trick of victories in July to August, 2010. Interestingly, she has earned two consecutive triumphs for 6 times in her career.
The daughter of Westmead Hawk, out of Loughnatousa Kim poses to be an above-average hound. She will be a potential fighter in tomorrow’s race.
Bernies Den
Fresh from his hard-earned victory in a Grade A2 event on January 20, the white, blue and brindle dog is going to run tomorrow with full form and confidence.

With 10 triumphs to his name, he is a dashing runner, who may also thrive in the coming event.
Whelped in August 2009, the son of Westmead Hawk, out of Bantiss Slimline started his career on December 7, 2010. He has been a bit inconsistent since the very beginning, but poses to be free of lean patches.
As far as Wednesday’s thriller is concerned, he can be a contender for the top spot. If not first, he will achieve one of the top three positions provided he carries his winning momentum forward.
However, Barnies Den will face tough resistance from Dukes Pearl, who is also in good form. The possibility that the duo will have an intense battle for the victory cannot be ruled out.
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