Bit View Micko stands first in The Stadium Bookmakers Dual Distance Trophy Final at Nottingham on Jan 23

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Bit View Micko stands first in The Stadium Bookmakers Dual Distance Trophy Final at Nottingham on
Jan 23 
The best part of Nottingham's Bags card on Monday evening was the finale of THE Stadium Bookmakers Dual Distance Trophy.
It was a 480 metre long Grade Open Race (OR) heat, and six rampant hounds were pursuing the cash prize of £400.
After a close contest, the victory was sealed by Bit View Micko – the son of Westmead Hawk out of Temple Tia.
The black dog was earlier defeated by Proud Patsy in the 305 metres heat, but C Price’s trainee took revenge this time, clocking the distance in 29.21 seconds.
With the odds of 3 to 1, the champ started off his run from the sixth trap. The hound sustained a decent speed all the way through, and a near line lead guided him to a comprehensive one length triumph.
It was a blanket finish, as the time difference between the hounds was not much. The runner-up, Proud Patsy, reached the post in 29.29 seconds.
The black and white dog, Droopys Vieri’s son out of Proud Pegs Gift, was carrying winning chances of 5 to 1, breaking in from the third stall.
M. J. Burt’s trainee also achieved a near line lead, and finished one length ahead of the third placed hound.
The third place was grabbed by Farley Denny, who failed to surpass the top-2, courtesy being crowded. The blue dog was sent at 6 to 1, and he bridged the area in 29.37 seconds.
Swan Storm secured fourth place on the chart, beating Dromana Max by a length’s margin.

Dromana Max and Fancy Socks, were the joint favourites with the winning probability of 11 to 4.
However, Swan Storm, C. Price’s blue and brindle dog, overtook the duo, covering the distance in 29.49 seconds. His starting price was 5 to 1, as he set off his run from the fourth stand.
Dromana Max finished fifth on the table, while his joint favourite b***h, Fancy Socks, appeared as the back marker.
The L. Cook trained dog’s finishing time was 29.57 seconds, whereas Fancy Socks, Scarty Lad’s daughter out of Moyar Gi Gi, wound down the event in 29.85 seconds.
It was Bit View Micko’s first win this year, and he is in terrific rhythm, likely to do a lot of damage to his contenders in upcoming races. 



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