Wasim Akram slams British media for its propaganda against Ajmal

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Wasim Akram slams British media for its propaganda against Ajmal 
The former Pakistan skipper,, has slammed the British media for its propaganda against prolific off-spinner Saeed Ajmal, saying that the English media starts making negative statements whenever their team loses. The British media questioned the
legitimacy of his bowling action.
The legendary pace bowler said that rather than criticising the Pakistan players, the British media should accept the fact that their team did not do well in the first Test at Dubai. He termed the pressure tactics of English media as “stale”.
"Instead of praising him ( and at Adelaide. "It's not funny anymore, it's boring, stale and old," an irked Akram added further.
Ajmal claimed 10 wickets in Pakistan’s comprehensive 10-wicket win over England in the series opener at Dubai last week. After seeing the capitulation of the English batsmen against Ajmal in the first innings, former England players started questioning the
bowling action of the off-spinner and the British media has not stopped moaning about it ever since.
Akram, the 45-year-old left-arm fast bowler, said that English players and media are in a habit of blaming the opposition after failing to perform. He criticised the experienced batsmen for playing bad shots off Ajmal, adding that it is the job of
the International Cricket Council and umpires to judge the bowling action of any bowler and not the British media.
"Whenever they lose, they talk negative,” said the cricketer turned commentator, who played 104 Tests for Pakistan claiming 414 wickets.
“It's the English batsmen who played bad shots, sweeping across the line to off-spinner. It's no rocket science that you can't play across the line. But probably they don't know. It's the job of umpires and the, not British media,” he added further. currently lead the series 1-0 and a series win would be on their mind when they take the field on Wednesday for the second Test at Abu Dhabi.



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