Grants Farm defeats Piaget by four goals in 2011 Bombardier Pacific Coast Open: 10-6

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Grants Farm defeats Piaget by four goals in 2011 Bombardier Pacific Coast Open: 10-6
Nic Roldan scored seven times and was the real hero of match, as Grants Farm outplayed Piaget by four goals in the group match of the 2011 Bombardier Pacific Coast Open that took place at the Santa Barbara Polo Club.
Grants Farm lost the first match of the tournament to Audi in the first competition. On the other side, the Piaget team received defeat for the second time, as they were beaten by Lucchese in the opening fixture.
Jeff Hall of Piaget while briefing the media following the game said that the Grants Farm was a touch line-up and they displayed very impressive show. He stated, “They’re a tough team. They’re very physical. They made us work for the win today.”
Meanwhile, Nic Roldan after showing a match winning performance also spoke with the journalists and declared it a great success. He added, “When we worked together, we scored but we’ve got a lot more work to do before Thursday. I think we’ve got a great
team, we just have to be more focused.”
In order to establish their dominance over the field, the two teams started a fast-paced game. Jason Crowder was the striker from Piaget who registered first goal of the match in the very early minutes. Amazingly, it was the only successful offence from
the two sides and chukka ended with Piaget holding one goal edge, 1-0.
The second period was also dominated by Piaget which obtained two more goals while holding opponent only for a single goal. Miguel Astrada and his team-mate Crowder accounted for one goal each and took the score to three. Nic Roldan scored off a penalty
shot and brought his side into the score net.
When both the teams moved into the final chukka of the first half, they were looking like a completely different team. Roldan marked a pair of goals while holding Piaget scoreless in the seven minutes of play. Piaget and Grants Farms were sitting at three-all
after the three-frame action.
With minutes into the fourth chukka, Juan Bollini once again acquired lead for Piaget but it could not last for long. Hall notched two goals which helped Grants Farm to establish their first lead of the match at 5-4.
In the second last period, Astrada nailed in a goal in the very early minutes and had it all even at five-each. In the later time, Crowder and Roldan exchanged one goal and levelled the results at six-all.
The last seven minutes completely belonged to Grants Farm, as Roldan and Hall scored three and one goal respectively and sealed the triumph at 10-6.



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