Winnipeg Jets Jerseys hit market, termed fake and unreal by team –NHL News Update

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Winnipeg Jets Jerseys hit market, termed fake and unreal by team –NHL News Update
It was right after the Winnipeg team management decided to go with the Jets name that fans went wild and celebrated the official return of their long lost dream, right before the management had selected its first pick in the 2011 National Hockey League (NHL)
Entry Draft.
With that unparallel celebration, came the introduction of a lot of Jets merchandise in stores all around Canada and the United States, for fans who were eagerly waiting for some sign that they could wear and show their appreciation for the new team.
Real merchandise ranged from t-shirts, baseball caps, and jackets to many other things, but one thing that has been termed fake and unauthentic by even the team itself, are the jerseys.
Scott Brown, director of communications for Winnipeg Jets ownership group, True North Sports and Entertainment made it clear why that is so.
“The authentic jerseys won’t be available until October, and replica jerseys likely not until November. That comes from the manufacturer”, said Scott Brown.
Not only are they not available in the market right now, but Winnipeg Jets management has also regarded the current jerseys as nothing like what they really are going to be like, which would only have fans regretting their decisions later on after the real
and authentic one does come out.
However, for the team, it is not a matter of concern, because true fans according to them, will know the difference between original and authentic, either right away or later on.
“A lot of factories in China are flooding the market with unlicensed, counterfeit jerseys. They’re shrewd. They know that even in tough economic times, sports are recession-proof,” Delorme said. “They look almost identical but the problems occur after you
wash it four or five times”, said Bruno Delorme, a marketing professor at Concordia University in Montreal.
It was also learned that Winnipeg will have only two jerseys, one home and the other for away matchups, unlike the normal third one, which is expected to be included into the strategy next season, after the one coming up passes.



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