Barcelona can draw into the toughest groups of the UEFA Champions League

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The Catalan Giants can be tested this season as they are going to be defending the European crown.
Barcelona are currently considered to be one of the best in Europe – especially after the two amazing signings ofánchez-c4979 and Cesc Fabregas which only makes them stronger.
The Spanish Champions faced a difficult task in the shape of Real Madrid and Manchester United last season but they were able to win against both the teams. First, Josep Guaridoola managed to help his side cruise over their arch rivals Real Madrid in the
UEFA Champions League semi finals and then he helped his side win against Manchester United at Wembley.
Barcelona might be tested this season as they reach their peak form. With and his companions in the team, the Catalan Giants are still the favourites to win the European crown. In case they are able to accomplish against all the other European
sides this season, they will be the first team to win the UEFA Champions League for two years in a row.
Success won’t come without a test and the Spanish Champions might be tested in this UEFA Champions LeAgue. The way the teams are seeded simply shows that Barcelona can draw into the hardest groups of this year’s European competition.
While Barcelona are in the first pot, the Italian Champions AC Milandortmund are in the second. Moreover, the new English powerhouse, Menchester City are in the third pot while the German Champions Borussia Dortmund are in the fourth pot.
In case all these teams are drawn into the same group, it is definitely going to be the group of death. While Barcelona have proven themselves around the globe and they are currently the European Champions, they are expected to top their group. However,
the Italian Champions AC Milan have totally reformed under their new coach Massimilliano Allegri.
Milan have one of the best attacking force in
The Manchester City, has also done wonders with the English side. Mancini has totally changed the look of the Citizens. City are also considered to be a threat even though they are playing their first UEFA Champions League under the Italian
coach. With the likes of and others, Manchester City are going to make it difficult for any European team.
Borussia Dortmund have proven themselves in, Dortmund are still looking to be strong and they are going to make it hard for all the teams as they will
be playing for European glory.
Barcelona are definitely going to be put into a tough test if they are drawn into this group. The Spanish Champions have a very strong squad and they are expected to win in such a group but anything can be expected in the group of death.
Draws are going to take place today and each and every team will get to know about its fate in the European competition. 
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