Harry Redknapp speaks in support of Tottenham Hotspur bound Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor

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Harry Redknapp speaks in support of Tottenham Hotspur bound Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor
Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp reportedly wants to bring in at least two players before the summer transfer window closes. With just a week remaining, the Spurs will have to finalize the deals as soon as possible. While it is not certain who else
they have identified, Tottenham Hotspur are looking to bring in Manchester City striker
The 27-year-old striker could arrive at White Hart Lane in the next few days, with the two clubs still sorting out minor details of the contract. Adebayor will be joining Tottenham Hotspur on a loan move after Manchester City manager made
it clear he did not want the Togolese forward to remain at the club.
Redknapp revealed that the former striker had wanted a move away from Manchester City, where he knew he would no longer be guaranteed first team football. The player has decided on the move knowing that he will receive wages much lower than he was
previously receiving while at City, since he is desperate for regular football.
Redknapp said while speaking to reporters:
“If he comes here, he is coming here because he wants to.
He could sit and take the money at Man City but he is taking a wage drop to come here.”
With Adebayor having played for London rivals Arsenal and Manchester City, including a half season loan to Real Madrid, it may take the Spurs fans to take some time accepting him. Especially since it was Adebayor who scored twice against Tottenham Hotspur
in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals to help the La Liga giants progress to the semi-finals.
However, Redknapp did not feel the player should be punished for performing his role for his club. The manager admitted that he expected Adebayor to have a hard time in the beginning, but was certain the player would settle down well with the club. With
players having previously transferred between the two sides, the Spurs manager did not expect too big of a hassle.
He said:
“People have played for both teams (Arsenal and Spurs) before. came in here last year and did well for us and the crowd took to him.”
Redknapp continued:
“He just wants to play football. He hasn't committed a crime. He hasn't murdered anyone. He has played for Arsenal, then Man City and now he wants to come to Tottenham.”
Redknapp was confident Adebayor could go on to make an impact on the squad, which suffered an embarrassing 3-0 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford on Monday. His arrival would definitely strengthen the team and add more firepower, giving Tottenham
Hotspur a better chance to achieve their target of a top four finish this season.
“He is a good player and he is a real talent.”



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