Golf Update: Padraig Harrington- Tiger Woods is a great asset and a great player of golf and Ryder Cup should not take him easily

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Golf Update: Padraig Harrington- Tiger Woods is a great asset and a great player of golf and Ryder Cup should not take him easily
Padraig Harrington seems very concerned about the World number one golfer, Tiger Woods for the Ryder cup. The Thirty nine year old Irish ace golfer Harrington is going to participate in the Ryder cup as a part of the European team.
In a very recent interview, Padraig Harrington has warned the European team to be cautious about Tiger Woods, as he can turn the game upside down in no time. It is to be remembered that the champ American golfer, Tiger Woods has not been able to perform
this year and has been suffering from mental stress because of his marital life. However, the now divorced Woods is trying to get his focus towards his game and is trying his level best to grab the lost winning form.
While talking about Tiger, the Irish golfer Harrington told the media that the European team in the Ryder Cup should not take Woods easily, as he has the ability and experience to create marvels in the golf course. Harrington added that the current year
has been a very poor year for him, as he has not been able to perform well at all but now he will give his full, as he his very eager to perform and his capacity cannot be ignored.
It is also to be noted that the year 2010 was not a good year for Harrington as well, as he was not able to win not even a single title. This year’s best performance from him was of achieving the second place in the Irish Masters golf event. Harrington has
already played in the Ryder Cup for the European team on five occasions. It is also to be remembered that for this 2010 Ryder Cup pick both the veteran golfing performers. Who had to rely on the captains of their respective teams as their current year was
not the best according to their performances and they had to wait for their luck to be chosen.
In the interview, when Padraig Harrington was asked about the Corey Pavin’s pick of Tiger Woods for the tournament, Harrington expressed himself by saying that Pavin’s decision is absolutely right and Tiger Woods is a great asset and a great player of golf.
While talking about the importance of Woods in the Ryder Cup, Harrington said that Tiger is the top golfer of the world and he has all the potential to outplay the rivals. He added by saying that no one can deny the existence of Woods in a tournament and the
European team should take him seriously.
Tiger Wood’s previous record of the Ryder Cup is not very impressive but Harrington is of the view that Woods strong will power and hold over the game can cause a great change at any stage of the tournament. It is also to be noted that Tiger has always struggled
with the structure and timings of the Ryder Cup. While talking about this issue, Harrington admitted the fact by saying that Tiger might face some problems with the schedule of the tournament as he is an early bird.
Meanwhile, Harrington seemed very concerned about his performance and game as well because he has not been able to perform to his fullest. While talking about his game and preparation for the upcoming tournament, the thirty nine year old Irish told the media
and said that he is not happy with the way he has performed throughout the season and now he is trying to focus on his game rather than the ranking. Later, while talking about his ambitions and plans for the Ryder Cup, Harrington said that he is very committed
to his plans and goals now and will try to perform best for his team. He said that he has worked hard to change his schedule and he is very confident that new strategy will help him in the tournament.



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