San Francisco Giants sieze first place in NL West as Buster Posey backs up Jonathan Sanchez

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San Francisco Giants sieze first place in NL West as Buster Posey backs up Jonathan Sanchez
The Giants are on the top once again. A fog swirled above the field and fans got more excited when the NL West Division flags in the centre of the field were changed.
Aubrey Huff played a pretty nice game as he hit a three run homer while Buster Posey played a solo shot and San Francisco Giants jumped into top position on Thursday night after defeating Los Angeles Dodgers.
"It says a lot about this club and how hard they've been fighting," SFG’s manager Bruce Bochy commented. "It's going to be a tough race, we know it." That goes without saying that San Francisco played a professional game and won the hearts of the spectators
along with their fans all over the world.
Jonathan Sanchez (11-8) played his career’s highest 12 as the Giants took a half game lead on the Padres after defeating San Diego 4-0 at St. Louis. San Francisco is in the best position for the first time since May 6, 2010. They seem to be trying to fill
the space that was left blank during the recent games.
Hopefully, they would stay here all the way until the end. The team is proud of being first but still, they have lots of games left to play so they would need to keep on playing like this if they want to finish first at the very end.
The first player from Dodgers side was Ted Lilly (8-11), who was defeated after a 3 1/3 innings which is his shortest outing this season. This is the third time he lost in nine starts since joining the club. This is the seventh time this season in which
Giants have hit back to homers. The record was achieved when Huff and Posey connected for consecutive homers in the third round.
Jose Guillen, while adding excitement to the match added a two run drive in the fifth round to make it 8-2. It was his 18th home run for the season and second with the Giants. Guillen joined the team after missing Wednesday’s game due to an aching
neck. Freddy Sanchez’s performance also can’t be ignored as he added a two run double in the eighth.
Meanwhile, all the offensive players helped Jonathan Sanchez win his third straight decision. The left hander, who’s always the one with the best starters down the stretch, made double digits strike outs and once again a record in his seventh career game.
He played four hits and one run in seven innings. "They're on the roll and swinging their bats," Dodgers’ manager, Joe Torre told the media exclaiming, "Sanchez was terrific"
It seems like Freddy Sanchez has been throwing strikes for more than a month now and getting ahead. When he is playing like this, he is one of the most dangerous players in the staff. Lilly proved to be a savior for Los Angeles in more ways than one. He
allowed five runs and seven hits while also struck out three and walked one. He is always a reliable player for the club every fifth day.
Moreover, after Andres Torres’ injury, the team is using Bochy as a leadoff man. Edgar Renteria played a remarkable game as he took on the job with a lefty starter going and had a triple among his four hits. Milwaukee will start the game with the left hander,
Randy Wolf on Friday night; Renteria will be in there again.
San Francisco Giants won their first series victory against Dodgers since going 10-9 in 2005. The team will welcome the 2011 season by facing off for four games at the Dodger Stadium from April 1-4, 2011.



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