Golf Update: Tiger Woods taking the lead and Scott not far behind at the FedEx Cup

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Golf Update: Tiger Woods taking the lead and Scott not far behind at the FedEx Cup
At 6:58 PM on the 26th of August, it looked as if Vaughn Taylor had been chasing hard with Tiger Woods running at the front. With Woods and Taylor at the facade, Adam Scott was rather a competition to them. The game already termed as the Tiger mania by many has been one worth watching.
At the second round of the FedEx Cup, the game is lead by everybody’s favourite, Tiger Woods and Vaughn Taylor. Adam however, was chasing hard with his bogey tripping him in the list down. A couple of players were planning on resting it away anyway.
Scott had seemed very happy with his performance.  With Woods and Taylor’s shared lead, Adam Scott was one shot off from the lead. He held consistency with full grasp with his 5 under 66. Out of 18, he holds T-3 in his statistics with 15 greens in regulation.
Tiger Woods is thrilled with game undergoing. He is playing with his heart and says that hitting the ball flush like before is electrifying. Tiger missed the ball hitting and so did many fans. The way we all knew how Woods played was much sought after and this time he sure fed his fan’s appetite. Currently holding the number one position in the world list, Tiger Woods, played like a pro in the lush fields. Taylor soon equalled Woods 65 on the leader board with Adam not far behind.
Talking about Adam Scott, he made the lead story in the PGA tour alright.  Scott in his first round got hold of seven birdies. Over the last six holes, he missed the putts. Form a ten feet distance the thirty year old missed 4 putts. Scott is considered to be a player who plays an accurate game. According to the critics, Adam plays very carefully and his balls are driven in a long and straight flight. Scott, out of 14 fairways had hit 11, which describes his accuracy in drive. He holds the average of 1.533 putts per GIR.
To make use of the conditions was upon the player’s discretion. However, rain had been pouring heavy over the past week but the Golf Club seemed to be getting in the fast mode increasingly. The winds and the sun were playing their own game. Like Tiger Woods, every player would have to follow the careful approach since it will get tougher due to less precipitation levels. Those who can’t hit the fairways will be in a fix due to the changing weather conditions.
Woods in the Ridgewood’s Country Club made good use of the soft conditions. However, he hit the driver just twice in the whole day stating that he didn’t feel comfortable. Woods had been playing an awfully careful game the whole day as well; leading everyone to think that he might stay in the top tens list the whole event. Currently, Woods stands at 112th place in the FedEx Cup and it looks like he might move up the ladder to number 110 to the second place with the 65.
Woods decision for the driver had been a good one. With hitting the driver only two times, it becomes clear that Woods aims to play in no way an aggressive one. He is rather playing like a pro with his careful and defensive attitude. This assured his ball to remain in the fairway and not hit the rough, which otherwise might have been the case if too much drivers were used. Woods has thus been playing to win without doubt.
Adam Scott currently stands at number 32 in the FedEx point list. Scott is trained under Coach Butch Harmon. The young professional was stark close to the title when it decided with Woods. The young Aussie has never won a major championship and in 39 appearances, he has only held 4 career top tens. His victories include the Player and Tour Championship with seven other PGA triumphs, the recent one is just three months old that took place at the Valero Texas Open.
With Woods making the news, Scott was just around the corner. The young Aussie only needs to look at the leading man for inspiration and having said that with full zeal, Adam made comparisons to the top ranked Woods.
His current game has certainly marked his future bright. “I take winning as a good habit, u need it after sometime,” Scott said. He believes that he plays to win and it has become his habit now. He says his focus was winning, which seems like Woods mantra in the green fields as well. 



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