Volleyball update: Japan and Korea pulled off remarkable victories in Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship 2010

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Volleyball Update: Japan and Korea pulled off remarkable victories in Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship 2010
The Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball championship brought the two rivals of volleyball world together to stage a memorable match on Thursday evening 16th September, 2010. The tournament’s favourite Japan collided with successive eight-time winners
and 1995 world champions China. Japan stunned the Chinese team with an exhibition of great play and pulled off victory in three straight sets.
On the same day, Korea crushed Indonesia in three-set thriller. They completely swept their feet off in three straight sets. The Korea team enjoyed the great rhythm in their game and displayed great effort to gain good reputation.
Japan beat China 3-0 (25-19, 25-19, and 25-19)
Japan was in great form and came out in full force against Chinese team. The Tan Binh Gymnasium in Vietnam was rocked with the breath-taking Japanese performance. The first set was overpowered by the Japanese super-studded ladies. They produced excellent
jump-serves and gave the tall Chinese team a bit of shock. They attacked the Chinese defence and swiftly picked up lead in the set. The impressive jumping, blocking, and superb ball handling provided them an edge to dominate the Chinese side.
China came with strong attack attempts and tried to lunch their authority in the game but Japan’s impenetrable defence crashed their dream. Chinese lagged behind Japan in the points’ run. Japan remained consistent in their approach and pushed the score of
finishing point. The first set brought success for Japan in form of 25-19.
Japan had grasped the opponents’ game plan and formulized the counter attack. They hit the ball in ideal locations and raised their score. The blazing shots of Japanese players earned them valuable points and clawed their way to the victory in second set.
The set finished with the same 25-19 score. With two sets’ victory, Japan had attained a very stable position in the game. The team was determined to get their hands on the final victory by capturing third set.
The determination and commitment of Japanese players proved fruitful and they further kept moving with same momentum. China’s Wang Qi produced good aces and posed a threat on Japanese defence. Somehow, the situation was handled by Azusa Futami of Japan,
who made the right combo with setter to hit unstoppable shots. Japan finished the third set with same 25-19 score and claimed match-victory. With this particular win, Japan has moved to the top-standing with 6 points in Pool F.
Korea vs. Indonesia 3-0 (25-12, 15-17, and 25-12)
Korean team also followed the Japanese steps and ousted team from Indonesia in straight three sets. The Korea team was inspired by the cheering crowd and demonstrated an entertaining performance. The fans thoroughly enjoyed their time in the sports hall.
Korea stood tall in the court and influenced the Indonesian team by the delivery of powerful under-hand shots.
Both teams looked energetic in the first set and exchanged good volleys. Indonesia had little problem in their defence area. The defence expert slipped a few shots and created a chance for Koreans to lead in the set. Korea picked early lead and worked on
improving their score. The instability of Indonesian players further helped Korea’s position and they won the first set. (25-12)
Indonesian team returned in the game and found their feet in the second set. It seemed for a moment as if they would dominate the whole scene but Korean spikers changed the situation. They bounced back in the game and snatched second set victory from Indonesia.
The third set also came successful for Korean and graced them with triumph. Korea won the match by a margin of 3-0.



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