Golf Update: Ryder Cup 2010- A New Low- A Losing Woods, a Wet Ryder Cup

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Golf Update: Ryder Cup 2010- A New Low- A Losing Woods, a Wet Ryder Cup
The Ryder Cup madness took over the world of golf once-upon-a-time in 2009, when the Ryder Cup captains were announced. Then the air became electric and the fans waited for a world-class golf anxiously from the 1st of October to the 3rd. They weren’t disappointed, but they also got a rain-torment therapy. After this year, although the Ryder game itself may not remembered for a long time, but the leaking suits, the 30 mm rain and the Tiger Woods defeat will stay in the news for a long time.
A New Low:
The Ryder Cup competition is usually scheduled to be played in the mid of September. This year however, the FedEx Cup slowed the Ryder Pace a bit. The crowd was seen holding umbrellas and running for cover as the play suspended at the Celtic Manor, Mcllory was seen with a very wet opening for the Fourball round which was all because the Americans wanted to play the all-lucrative FedEx Cup.
Tweets by Rory Mcllory that their suits are keeping them all-dried up, Public power naps by many golfers and then change in travel schedule by the masses for the delayed Mondays play is a new low in the world of golf.
A like-course-like-players scenario:
If we ignore the fact that Celtic Manor had God-knows-how-many-years to forecast the rain and game collision, we cannot ignore the fact that the team USA had a good 2 year period to select their rain gear.
After full two years, the American team came up with suits that leaked and player bags that soaked moisture. After weeks of almost breathtaking rivalry and excitement, the event faced a complete washout. The washout witnessed the players appearing in a lavender gear first which hadn’t seemed acceptable neither by the rain nor the masses. The PGA of America then rushed its credit card transaction and bought 20 navy blue-suits for an approx £3,500. However, the story turned into ridicule when the American get-up thus purchased had a European crest sewn on their hearts instead of their own badges.
The soggy tale doesn’t finish here though, the Ryder Cup was scheduled to end on Sunday but failed to reach its goal. The rain delayed the game for a good 13 hours leading the game to end on Monday marking the rescheduling a whacked up attempt too.
Then a losing Woods:
On a serious note, for most of the die-hard Golf fans out there, it didn’t really matter if Tiger Woods appeared in a Lavender get up or that his caddie had been completely soaked to his skin, who later revealed that the golf bags were leaking too. What mattered to them was the 9 ½ score by the Europeans and the 6 ½ score by the American side at the end of the play along with Woods facing the worst loss ever.
He faced a complete blow out on Sunday and failed to display his top form in the first rounds either. Wood was teamed up with Steve Stricker who thankfully played well enough to achieve two wins at the match. They were playing against the European Luke Donald and Lee Westwood. The Donald-Westwood combo achieved a score of 5 and 6 to beat Woods team after the first match alternate at days six. The defeat was a good emotional uplift to the captain Colin Montgomerie who labelled Woods defeat as a “convincing loss”.
Montgomerie said that the Woods loss by a 6 and 5 isn’t just a loss, it’s a convincing loss and this is what helped them cross the day.
Ross Fisher and Miguel Angel Jimenez also held the front in their matches. Francesco Molinari was seen levelled with Woods after 9th hole, while his brother Edoardo Molinari led Rickie Fowler with one.



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