FIFA 2010 World Cup: Maradona to remain Argentinean Coach and options for new Brazilian coach coming up

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FIFA 2010 World Cup: Maradona to remain Argentinean Coach and options for new Brazilian coach coming up

The head of the Argentinean football governing body Argentinean Football Association AFA, Julio Humberto Grondona has stated emphatically that Diego Maradona will not be asked to leave his post as coach.

Rumours were rife that the Argentinean coach Maradona will be leaving his post as the team’s coach after the humiliating defeat against Germany, when they were defeated 4-0. The Germans continue their march towards the World Cup glory after defeating the England 4-1 and that wasn’t their only 4 goal haul. They even started the tournament with a 4-0 victory against Australia.

Maradona had hinted before that following the Argentinean World Cup defeat with Germany, he would not continue as the head.  When questioned on the matter he even told reporters that his time was up.

The AFA head had assured every one before that if any decision would be made, it would have to come from the coach himself. They also commented that they would like if the coach would stay with the team and plan for future events. The board also stated that despite the defeat by Germans, they were overall impressed by Maradona in general.

Grondona, who has been the head of Argentine football for over 30 years, told everyone in an interview that the decision to leave could only be of Maradona’s, as they are still in contract with him. This statement will definitely give Maradona another reason to think if he really wants to quit from the glamorous post.

Maradona has definitely taken advantage of his post of coaching the Argentinean team. Not only has he indulged in quandaries with the Brazilian legend Pele but has mocked players from other teams not even sparing their coaches.

Just before his last match in South Africa, he spoke against the Brazilian coach Dunga and then against the German players. The notorious Maradona will certainly miss these opportunities if he quits the job.

Diego Armando Maradona was born in 1960, a former Argentinean player and is widely regarded as one of the best players in football of all time. He played in the 1986 World Cup and has also won the Golden Ball cup.

Maradona will be remembered in football history for many reasons but two on top would probably be these. The first is the non-penalized handball known as the "Hand of God", while the second reason was the goal of the century where Maradona made a breath taking 60 meter run making his way through six English players and then scoring.

On other news, the former AC Milan tactician Leonardo revealed to the media that he is available to coach the Brazilian national team.

The Brazilian National team is currently without a coach after Dunga was removed. Carlos Dunga had been the coach of Brazil for four years but still failed to take the Brazilians any further than the quarter finals in the World Cup.

The star struck Brazilian squad was kicked out of the tournament by a talented and impressive Netherland team. The Dutch out classed the Brazilian team with a 2-1 victory, despite the early goal conceded by the Brazilians. It is said that the match was lost because of poor strategy and tactics.

Leonardo has now thrown his name into the list to be considered for the next coach. 40 year old Leonardo has previously coached the Rossoneri, however he was released from the club when they failed to win. Right now Leonardo is not in contract with any club and commented on the topic by saying, "I would be available to coach Brazil."

Leonardo Nascimento de Araújo is a retired player from Brazil and the former manager of A.C.Milan. He also played in the 1994 World Cup and for the runner up team in 1998.



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