Keane Could be Going Back to Celtics

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Keane Could be Going Back to Celtic
Celtic have declared their interest to sign Tottenham Hotspur striker, Robbie Keane, on loan for another season.
Keane spent a large part of last season on loan at the Scottish giants and it seems they want him to sign on again although Spurs are a little more reluctant this time round.
The fact that Spurs have Champions League football this season means that there will be a greater strain placed on the club. However, it seems that Keane enjoyed his time at Celtic last year and if he shows an interest to go back they will have to let him do so.
Keane is the sort of player that wants to play football all of the time and he is still a very important player for the future of Spurs. They are unlikely to let him leave permanently but another loan deal could well be on the cards.
This Season
This season for Spurs is likely to see a much more different situation for the club than the situation they were in when they first let Keane go out on loan. This is due to a number of things but most notably Champions League football.
Keane will find the prospect of Champions League football highly appealing although he could still play in the competition if he goes back to Celtic. He will not be first choice at Spurs although they will need him at some point during the season because they will be playing more games.
It is really all down to what the player wants to do this season. He will have to report back to Spurs just like any other player and from here he will be able to work out whether he will get a chance at the club or whether he will better off going back up to Scotland to play for Celtic.
His Game
There is no doubt at all that Keane's loan move to Celtic last season did him the world of good. It allowed him to get his belief and confidence back when he was not getting games for Spurs and not scoring goals.
The Scottish league is much less demanding than the English Premier League and because of this Keane became an instant success at Celtic. This joy and confidence that he would have been feeling will still be at the very front of his mind and he may want to go back to the club in order to maintain it.
Keane still has what it takes to play a big role in the Spurs side but the Tottenham boss, Harry Redknapp, is not the sort of person who will beat about the bush. He will tell Keane very quickly whether he wants him to feature for Spurs or not this year. This will benefit the player because it will give a very quick indication of whether he is still wanted in London.

Keane has the very useful habit of popping up with goals regardless of the club he plays for. This will be important next season because it will make him a good bet to score some Celtic or Spurs goals at very good prices.
No one will blame you if you want to be a little more cautious and want to wait until the season starts. This will allow you to see where Keane is going to be playing most of his football next year and it will let you judge whether he is going to have a much bigger impact than you may currently have in mind.



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