West Ham United Want Green as Number One

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Hammers Want Green as Number One
West Ham United have insisted that they want Robert Green to remain as their number one goalkeeper for next season.
There have been reports linking Green away from the club with a number of other West Ham players. The same reports have also touched on the fact that Green may also be seeking a fresh start after a disappointing World Cup with England.
However, West Ham have insisted that they want Green to stay as their number one ahead of the new Premier League season. Green is still one of the best goalkeepers in the country despite the goal he gave away during England's opening World Cup match with the USA.
There will be options on the table for Green because he will be a sought after goalkeeper. It's important to consider both sides of his options because there will be benefits and negatives to moving away from West Ham.
Staying On
If Green stays on at the Premier League club then he will know that he will be the number one goalkeeper in the team. Other goalkeepers play a lot around him and this will be important for him as he tries to restore his confidence after the World Cup.
He already knows every inch of the club and can enjoy a new start under the new boss, Avram Grant. This will provide him with security if he has started to doubt his own ability after some poor recent displays in an England jersey.
The fans at West Ham love and respect Robert Green and this will be important when he starts the new season. He will need the support of the fans when he plays during West Ham's opening games as it will spur him on and inspire him to keep performing well in the hope that he can play better for England next time round.
Moving Away
Moving away could be beneficial to Green because it would give him a fresh new start as a goalkeeper. There are some very high profile clubs reportedly interested in signing him and this will do his confidence the world of good if it has been substantially reduced because of his performance against the USA.
The only problem with moving away is that there is no guarantee that Green would be number one at a new club. He would have to fight for his place in the same way as any other player and this could be difficult if he joins a bigger side.
The fans of any new club that he joins would take some convincing. They would be very wary of Green joining their club because of the way that he played for England at the World Cup. This would take away the support of the fans that he knows he would have if he stays on at West Ham.

Robert Green is a very good goalkeeper and do not think otherwise. There is no reason at all why he should necessarily leave West Ham and he will remain as a very good candidate for most Dream Teams by the time the Premier League season starts.
You obviously won't get good bets on Green during individual matches so you'll have to judge how he's playing and how that impacts on the team's chances of winning a game.
Scout out any special goalkeeping bets you can get your hands on and back Green to do well. He will be more determined than ever to bounce back and do so in fashion regardless of the team he is playing for when the Premier League season starts in August.



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