Barca Will Not Cave In

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Barca Will Not Cave In
Barcelona insist they will not cave in over the record amount of money that Arsenal want for key midfield player, Cesc Fabregas.

Fabregas has been linked with the Spanish giants for two or three seasons now but for some reason or other a move never seemed to become an eventuality for the player or for either club.
Fabregas is the Arsenal captain and the best player that the side possesses. Therefore, they will not be willing to let him go on the cheap and they will not be willing to let him leave the club for Barcelona without a fight.
Barcelona say that because Fabregas started his career at the club, they have a right to try and buy him back now that he has become an established professional. It is thought that Fabregas will be the replacement for Xavi in the Spanish team who is not getting any younger.
Fabregas owes a lot to Arsenal and the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger. Wenger plucked the player from the Barcelona youth ranks when he was very young and taught him how to play the game in a very specific way.
At Arsenal the player has a number of roles in which he is respected and takes responsibility for. Being the club captain clearly shows how much he is respected at Arsenal and this is not a role that he will be given if he moves to Barcelona.
It is no surprise that Arsenal are trying to get a record amount of money for their captain. It would be the most they have ever sold a player for and the amount is thought to be somewhere in the region of £40-£50 million.
The reason this price tag is so high is because Arsenal will need all of it to try and replace Fabregas if he leaves the club. This will be very difficult for Arsenal to do as they will be hard pushed to find someone with a similar level of influence.
Barca clearly see Fabregas as a long-term replacement for one of the current members of the starting side. He fits the profile of how a Barcelona player should play and he would be a good signing for the club.
A move back to the Catalan club would be a move back home for Fabregas who may have wanted something like this to happen for his entire Arsenal career. Although he won't admit it to anyone in North London, it is his home after all.
A lot depends on what Fabregas says or does once he gets back from the World Cup in South Africa. At the moment the player cannot comment on his future because of his commitments for the Spanish national team. We will know a lot more once he reports back to Arsenal for some pre-season training.

Arsenal will have a much better chance of winning the Premier League while Fabregas is at the club. Barcelona can cope without him but the strong indications are that Fabregas will be making the move back to his home club at some point sooner rather than later.
He's always a candidate to score goals regardless of the club that he is playing for so don't be afraid to back him to do so in matches he will play in during the near future.
Also don't be afraid to back any move to Barcelona if you notice any sort of special bet like this floating around in the current markets. There has already been contact between the two clubs so it could be just a matter of time.


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