English Premier League - Part 2: Losers of the first weekend

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English Premier League - Part 2: Losers of the first weekend
If someone spends a hundred bucks on food, he expects his hunger to be satisfied. This is what life teaches us, but things are not so simple in football. If a team spends more than others, fans and owners do expect success in return but football is not food and success is not hunger, things are a little more complicated at this level.
Manchester City apparently thought otherwise. After spending more cash in the summer transfer window than any other football club so far, City have financed an ultimate dream team. Manchester City have thus far bought, Yaya Toure from Barcelona. David Silva from Valencia, Jerome Boateng from Hamburg in the Bundesliga. The latest addition to the soap opera cast of egos at Manchester City studios is Mario Balotelli.
Italian football’s bad boy arrived at City shortly after their season’s opening match draw with rivals Tottenham Hotspurs and how the match was a draw only non-human entities could explain. Before the season started, Manchester City were being considered contenders for the English Premier League title along with Manchester United and Chelsea. For the past thirty four years in English football, City have failed to win any real silverware. With Sheikh money coming into the club now, it seems as if it’s only a matter of time before Manchester City break their trophy duck in the English Premier League but will this elusive moment come this year?
According to the evidence that was on display on Saturday, the 14th of August at White Hart Lane, one has to respectfully say no. Despite the Hollywood stardom that was on show against Tottenham, Manchester City looked disjoined as a unit. Tottenham, who have spent peanuts during the summer transfer window so far, dominated the match and City escaped with a draw only due to their goal keeper’s impressive performance in between the sticks.
Manchester City’s main aim through the present injection of cash has been to eclipse their rivals Manchester United, who have overshadowed City since the previous three decades as far as local and European success goes. Harry Redknapp after watching his side dictate proceedings against City at the lane suggested that, he wouldn’t bet on them to win the league this season. Roberto Mancini, who is Manchester City’s manager, said that it will take the club around one or two months to make the team chemistry work with new players in the squad.
But the more crucial question over here is that whether Manchester City can afford to take this precious time to get their house in order while other Premier League contenders such as Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea operate at full efficiency. Mancini has spent over eighty million pounds so far in the summer and his employers have previously shown that they have a severe shortage of patience when it comes to unsuccessful runs in the league. However, Roberto can take refuge in the fact that his choice to start Hart instead of Given paid off as the English international kept City in the game. Redknapp stated after the match that, he was worried for his side after Adebayor came on for City because in him, City had a target man to aim for upfront.
It will be foolish to make a call on City’s Premier League’s chances with after just a weekend of football played in the league. The current squad of players at Manchester City have the ability to surprise given that they are given time to gel, now it’s up to Mancini to direct the movie that has the potential to be a blockbuster hit but there will be severe repercussions if it ends up as a flop at the English Premier League’s box office.



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