Everton interested in Manchester City forward Craig Bellamy

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Everton interested in Manchester City forward Craig Bellamy
Premier league club Everton has joined the long line of clubs hopeful of signing 31-year old forward, Craig Bellamy. Many clubs expect the talented forward to sign with their club, in order to take Bellamy away from the clutches of Manchester City. The main obstacle, however, remains the Welsh’s salary at the Eastlands, which is just too high to be afforded by any Premier league club. Craig Bellamy has been banned from training with Manchester City, owing to rows with the club’s management.
Everton manager, David Moyes confirms that there are no funds available for new transfers this season and would have to sell to buy new players. The manager would need to finance his bid for the Manchester City forward, and players like Steven Pienaar and Yakubu may have to be sold off to make way for the 31-year old. West Ham United’s bid for Yakubu has been recently rejected by the club, reported to be around 6 million pounds. Players like Joseph Yobo and James Vaughan have also been speculated to find employment elsewhere.
Nonetheless, David Moyes still looks to bolster his squad, and Bellamy would be the perfect inclusion. The forward can play on the right wing and would really strengthen the squad should he ink a contract with David Moyes’s club. Many expect the 31 year old to be loaned out to Cardiff City but interests from the likes of Tottenham Hotspurs and Everton may well keep the player in the Premier league.
Craig Bellamy recently had a major clash with the City management, including manager Roberto Mancini, along with senior employers in recent days. This led to the club banning the player from the training ground over the weekend, but reports suggest that the player would resume training with City in the very near future.  Bellamy went home to Cardiff on Friday, disobeying orders to train with the reserves as punishment. Stephan Ireland has also fallen out of favour with the manager, who is not part of the manager’s plan for the coming season. Ireland is to be released before the end of transfer window, and the player is believed to be training with the reserves team. Ireland is part of the James Milner deal, as Manchester City has reportedly agreed to a 20 million pound deal plus Ireland to sign James Milner.
Everton Manager has attempted to sign Bellamy on various different occasions but has always come up short with the offer. This time again, the manager faces a tough task to pay over the odds for the player, and Bellamy would have to reduce his current 95000 pound a week wage rate for City, should he sign with the Merseyside club. Even after selling off Steven Pienaar and Yakubu, Everton would still not be able to finance the deal, as Manchester City look for a transfer deal rather than to loan out the forward.
Manchester City has recently refused to sell of Bellamy to Tottenham Hotspurs, owing to Spurs rivalry with the club over the Champions League spot, and wouldn’t want to give such a talent to the Spurs. Such a strategy may well be applied to Everton, as David Moyes men also pose a serious threat to the top 6 teams. Bellamy himself wants to play with Cardiff City once before retiring and that day might just come owing to the unrest at Manchester City. Manchester City claims that there are no such offers for the player yet, despite Celtics, Fulham, Sunderland, Cardiff City and Everton dropping hints for interests to sign the 31 year old.
Since joining Manchester City, Bellamy has scored 12 goals in over 40 appearances for the Eastlands. This is an impressive record for a right forward, as he also made many cameo appearances for Manchester City. Whatever may be the case, Bellamy would want to get his future sorted out quickly, before the transfer window ends on 31st August.                       



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