NFL BREAKING NEWS: Eli Manning left bloodied after brutal hit by fellow teammate

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NFL BREAKING NEWS: Eli Manning left bloodied after brutal hit by fellow teammate
New York Giants’ player Eli Manning was left bloodied during a match against the New York Jets in the New Meadowland Stadium. Blood was dripping down his forehead as he suffered a three-inch gash during the second quarter. Eli’s injury occurred when he collided against the running back, Brandon Jacobs due to a miscommunication.
The run was called and Eli went with the wide receiver for the fade ball, there was no sign of changing the play. Eli decided to go ahead and throw the ball, the problem cropped up when Brandon thought he was going to get the ball in the middle of the burst. Jacobs came running from the middle and rubbed his shoulder to the left side of Eli’s forehead on a fake handoff.
Despite the brutal hit Manning tried to grab the ball again but was smacked by New York Jets linebacker Calvin Pace, which resulted into his helmet coming off. Manning was dragged on the field face-first as Pace pushed forward. Jim Leonhard came in from the side and hit Manning only making the injury worse. The chain accident left Manning bleeding as he called for the training staff with his hand on the face-all red in blood.
The 29 year old quarter back got 12 stitches to his forehead. The Giants told reporters that the X-rays turned out negative and Manning did not suffer from any concussion. Tom Coughlin, head coach of New York Giants said, “Just like always, he handled it well.  If there’s no swelling, we’ll be able to get the helmet on and practice.” But when reporters asked Coughlin if he had seen Eli afterwards, he replied, “Eli has been sent home so I don't know.”
Despite this incident, the New York Giants defeated their rivals the New York Jets by 31-16. Brandon Jacob’s description of the win was, “a lot of people are fired up because it's always good to beat the Jets."
Eli played for the University of Mississippi before applying for the National Football League. He was drafted as the 1st pick overall in the 2004 NFL Drafting season by the San Diego Chargers and was instantaneously traded to the New York Giants. The quarter back was selected as a Pro Bowler in 2008 and has since won the Super Bowl XLII.



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