Breaking EPL News: Arsenal bid £2.5m for Mark Schwarzer, deal near to closing

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Breaking EPL News: Arsenal bid £2.5m for Mark Schwarzer, deal near to closing
Arsenal manger Arsene Wenger has announced that he might sign in the Fulham goal keeper Mark Schwarzer after all.
The latest from North London is that the Gunners’ man in charge has reignited interest in the Fulham goal keeper Mark Schwarzer. The 37 year old keeper has shown his brilliance over time especially in the last season, which is a huge reason for the attention he's getting this season.
Rumour has it that the Northlondoners are planning to commit to the signing before their match against Blackpool. This could mean a much earlier end to the Manuel Almunia era than anticipated.
The Gunners are facing Blackpool at their home ground, Emirates on the 21st August. Wenger has confirmed that he is looking in to the matter, it being his top most priority.
Last season Arsenal lost at least 21 points because of goal keeping errors and if they could have undone them, then they would have acquired the English Premier League title with ease.
Fulham have asked 4 million pounds for the goal keeper and they aren’t budging from their demand. Manuel Almunia who is at the age of retiring soon could be a good teacher for the next glove man in line for Arsenal.
For these reasons the Gunners are ready to pay 2.5 million pounds. Wenger has been awarded 40 million pounds for producing another outstanding season with Arsenal.
So far he has made just a few signings and therefore money is not an issue for him. In fact he has revealed that he is still scouring the market for talent and might sign a couple of players before the transfer windows ends on the 31st of August.
The Gunners have already faced denial on a 2 million pound bid, and as Fulham are not planning on budging from their demand, the Gunners are probably going to face defeat again.
However they are going to increase their bid as they eventually do have to sign in a new goal keeper. With Manchester City now denying both their goal keepers for a transfer in the market, the fate of Shay Given and Joe Hart is yet to be decided.
The star duo is considered among the best in the world and have stated that they are not going to play in a club where they have to be benched.
All the teams out there are facing goal keeping problems this season. Manchester United are looking for a number 2 for Edwin Van der Sar, Chelsea is disappointed with their second option, Ross Turnbull after his recent blunders. Liverpool needed a second goal keeper and have just signed in Brad Jones from Middleborough. Brad Jones also happens to be the Australian team mate of Schwarzer who even played for Middleborough in the past.
At Manchester City, Shay Given was benched and Joe Hart was used instead during the season opener. Hart produced a stunning performance with 5 definite saves and it seems that he might take away the no.1 spot between the goal posts from Given this season.
This would produce a lot of uncertainty at the Eastlands this season and therefore Given might persuade City to let him join Arsenal.



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