New York Giants beat New York Jets, preseason game recap

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New York Giants beat New York Jets, preseason game recap
Second Half
Monday Night’s Giants vs. Jets game entered the 3rd quarter with the Jets in possession and a 3 point lead over the Giants. Eli Manning was knocked out before the third quarter during a play where both the defence and the offense worked against Manning. In the confusion of the miss communicated play, Manning’s helmet was knocked off before the Jets defence ploughed into him. Jim Sorgi replaced him at the end of the second quarter and stood at the Helm of the Giants’ offense in the 3rd and 4th quarter.
First drive by the Jets began at the Jets 27 yard line. Quarterback Kellen Clemens completed 16, 13 and 18 yard passes for a drive to the Giants 18 yard line where Tanner Purdum attempted a 36 yard field goal to take the score to 16. This would be the last time the Jets scored in the night. From here on the Giants assumed control of the game with Jim Sorgi doing with apparent ease what Eli Manning was having trouble with.
The Giants offense got off the ground a bit slowly. Sorgi attempted a pass to wide receiver Derek Hagan but with cornerback Dwight Lowery blocking, the pass could not be completed. After a one yard push, Sorgi again tried to complete a pass. This time he was seeking a running back Danny Ware but the pass was foiled by safety Eric Smith.
After the field goal the Jets regained possession after just 4 plays and made another drive for the end zone. The Giants defence increased the pressure and slowed the Jets down to 45 yards in 11 plays. The Jets lost possession to the Giants on the 36-yard line and that’s when the Jim Sorgi and Victor Cruz era began.
As soon as the Giants regained possession the very first play was a touchdown. Quarterback Sorgi found Cruz being run down by Jets cornerback Lowery but Sorgi took a chance with the Rookie and sent one flying his way. Cruz got ahead and over Lowery and extended his left hand to land the pass. Cruz held on and went full speed down to the Jets’ end zone for his first touchdown of the game. The field goal was good and the Giants now led. The Giants took back possession after a 19 yard drive by the Jets less than a minute before the 3rd quarter ended.
The Giants continued on the 36 yard line as the 4th quarter opened and the Sorgi-Cruz duo struck for the second time. The Giants chopped down 40 yards in 4 plays to get to the Jets 34 yard line where Sorgi threw a clean pass at Cruz for their second touchdown and the third for the Giants. The extra point was good and the Giants now had a formidable lead.
After the touchdown the Jets Quarterback Kevin O’Connell conceded the second interception of the game for the Jets. O’Connell had wide receiver David Clowney in his sights but the pass was intercepted by Giants cornerback D.J. Johnson. The Giants were unable to capitalize on O’Connell’s mistake and lost possession with quarterback Rhett Bomar in Jim Sorgi’s place. The second time Bomar drove the Giants, the outcome was more favourable. The Giants came down from their 33 yard line to the Jets 5 yard line.
It was Cruz again for the third time, who consummated the drive for the Giants. Bomar found Cruz open and with a short pass to the left the Giants had a 5 yard touchdown and field goal with just over two minutes remaining in the final quarter.
The Jets made a final push giving it all they had. With two minutes to go and the Giants firmly in the lead, there was very little hope for the Jets at this point. In the pressure the Jets fumbled once but recovered. The Drive eventually failed and the Giants took possession in the last 14 seconds. Bomar took a Knee.
The Giants had won 31-16.



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