Davies joins Worcester

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Davies joins Worcester
Phil Davies has joined Worcester as head forward coach ahead of the new domestic rugby season.
Worcester have been looking for someone to come in and take on the role all summer long. It is a very important job when statements have already been made that the club want to get back in the Premiership within a single season.
However, Davies looks to be a very cautious and realistic person who says the job he has been given could take a little bit of time before his tenure begins to bear fruit. This is not what Worcester fans will want to hear.
Davies has a number of personal attributes that will make him popular in his new role. There are many reasons to be pessimistic but it is guaranteed that Worcester will be somewhere near the top of the Championship table by the end of the new season.
Davies looks as though he is a coach who likes to put safety first. This will mean that the forward side of the team will make very few mistakes during the course of the season. They may take a bit of time to exert their flamboyant dominance over teams but many fans will excuse this.
He has plenty of experience that he can use in his new role. Davies has been in charge of both Leeds and the Scarlets during his coaching career and this will allow him to man manage players in the Worcester side more efficiently. It also makes him an approachable person for a variety of issues.
He's got plenty of ambition and drive because it would have been easy for him to hold out for a job at a big club in a big league. He has shown that he is ready to get his hands dirty by getting stuck in at Championship level.
Davies said: "I've been 100 per cent committed to my roles here over the past two years, I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute and also learnt an immense amount. I'd also like to thank our partners within the regions and the Premiership clubs who supported the national academy concept and the Under-20 programmes we put into place."
A lot of people are going to be pessimistic when a new coach comes in to a club. It will take time for Davies to get the forward part of the Worcester team playing the way he wants. This is time that other sides could be cashing in on.
Many will not like any cautious style to attacking parts of a team. They will say that it is counter productive because the best teams in world rugby let their forwards bomb on and cause chaos in the opponent's half of the field.
Davies added: "It has been a very difficult decision to leave the WRU but I have a huge passion for coaching and hope one day to coach Wales. With this in mind, I'm greatly appreciative of Worcester Warriors who have given me the opportunity to return to professional coaching, and to the WRU for considering and granting my request to do so."
Betting advice
Worcester were and will remain one of the favourites to go up and into the Premiership next season. Davies will only add to any chances of promotion because of the quality of his experience.
He will make sure that attacking areas of the side are a lot more organised and disciplined and this will allow the team to attack as a unit and score more points. This could lead to some impressive wins and you should take advantage of this through winning margins.


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