David Gill assures that Sir Alex Ferguson has funds for transfers

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David Gill assures that Sir Alex Ferguson has funds for transfers
Manchester United has made only 2 signings this season; defender Chris Smalling and Mexican Striker Javier Hernandez. There is huge speculation among fans that the manager Sir Alex Ferguson has his hands tied by the club owners, and does not have enough funds available to him to make more purchases.
David Gill the chief executive of Manchester United though begs to differ; he has said that there is plenty of money available for Ferguson to sign players in the current transfer market.
Before last season started Manchester United sold their most prized possession Cristiano Ronaldo for a huge fee. Having attained 80 million pounds for the Portuguese captain United have not yet spent that money to bring in any big names. That has been the cause of frustration among United fans.
During this transfer market Manchester United has only spent 20 million pounds for the 2 signings made so far. There have been several big names linked with a possible move to Old Trafford; German midfielder Mesut Ozil, Dutch star Wesley Sneijder and the French striker Karim Benzema. Gill insisted that Ferguson does have money to spend whenever and on whoever he wants.
He added that there has never been a question of limiting the options for Ferguson. Gill said that the board and the owners believe totally in the manager, and whoever he chooses will be considered by the board and money will be made available.
Gill went on to say that Ferguson always believes in compiling a generation of teams, he did the same in the 90’s and continues to do so. He added that Sir Alex has never aspired to sign too many players at one time and focuses more on building the players that he has at hand. Gill went on to say that he is sure that whoever Ferguson chooses next will be worthy of putting on the red of United.
The club Chief Executive refused to be drawn in the discussion over the possible signings, but did say that the club is scouting and has lined up few possible targets.
He said that it is not new for the club to look for players; Gill said that the scouts for the club continue to do their job throughout the year. Thus the process just does not start all of a sudden during the transfer window.
He said that the World Cup is always a big event for players to showpiece their skills, he added that the club did identify some players during the tournament. Gill added that few of them had been under the radar even before the World Cup, and in due time the rest of the world will know those names.
Gill said that looking at the bigger picture Sir Alex Ferguson is very satisfied with the squad that he has, but still that does not in any way suggest that he will not sign any more players. He will be free to do so if he thinks the players will add value to his squad.
David Gill said that a club like Manchester United always has high expectations from the team and the manager. That is the reason they have managed to achieve so much success over the last 2 decades, and Ferguson has been the architect of all of that. Gill said the board has been behind the manager throughout and will continue to do so. Gill finally addressed the fans and said that there is no need to start worrying over speculations and added that the club will never settle for anything less than the standards they have set over the years.



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