Mardy Fish thrashes John Isner to win ATP Atlanta Tournament

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Mardy Fish thrashes John Isner to win ATP Atlanta Tournament
Finally the ATP Atlanta tennis championship is over, with the result which was not predicted by the crowd. This tennis championship has been fascinating and sensational for all the tennis followers as top seeded Americans gave their best for the victory. 
The final of the tournament was held on Sunday and the crowd was ready to see the champ of the day as both of the finalists were aiming strong to counter each other’s attack hard and handsome.
The match was between one of the American tennis stars Mardy Fish and young American tennis sensation John Isner.  Isner has been a very strong opponent this year and has the capacity of creating an upset at any stage of the match. On the other hand the American Tennis star Mardy Fish was not considered as strong to fight against John Isner’s tremendous stamina in the hot sunny day.
However, sometimes the game of tennis can get surprisingly interesting as Mardy Fish thrashed the favourite.  Isner was a very strong contender for the tournament’s trophy and was the second seed for the tournament. It was a real nerve wrecking match as the temperature of the court got steamier than the hot temperature of the environment.
Mardy Fish who has just recovered from his knee injury felt fresh and played the match like never before. Fish had all the chances to get back on the court with a bang and proofing himself which he did remarkably. Mardy Fish who was eager to get back to the court, had a little chance of winning the final against in form ace Isner but he had good luck and his hard work made him the champion of ATP Atlanta tennis championship.
The newly acquired fitness of Mardy Fish is no doubt amazing as the 28 year old tennis ace felt fit to play a two and a half hour match in the hot and humid weather. After losing 30 pounds he is feeling fit and athletic and moves in the court like never before. Fish beat John Isner by 4-6, 6-4, 7-6 (7-4) in the finals.
Due to the steamy temperature in the court Fish needed to see his trainer as he was feeling cramps in his legs. Fish’s remarkable success reminds his fans about his knee injury which was considered to be not fatal but was dangerous enough for him to get his name out of the top twenty players list.  Currently he is at the 49th spot in the international tennis ranking but his message is very clear to the senior players that he will get a strong place in the world top 20 players very soon.
On the other hand John Isner seemed a little disappointed after facing a crucial defeat. It seems as the hot weather was not friendly at all for him. Isner, who is also a tennis star in his college had nothing much to say as he expressed his views in sheer disappointment that it was a very hot day for him. He accepted that the conditions were difficult to play and the game got rough because of it. He added that it is very disappointing for him that he has played four final matches this year and out of them he has lost 3 and it seems as his luck is not supporting him well.
In the match Fish broke Isner’s strong serve twice at very crucial stages of the match in the 2nd set and in the 3rd set which made his way stronger to the victory of the tournament. Later in the doubles final Scott Lipsky and Rajeev Ram hammered Rohan Bopanna and Kristof Vliegen 6-3, 6-7 (4-7), 12-10.
With the end of the ATP Atlanta Tournament Mardy Fish has conveyed a strong message to the players competing in the US open in the coming month; he has the capacity to compete against the most difficult opponents and he is well ready for it.



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