NRL Round-21 preview

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NRL Round-21 Preview
With only six rounds left in the 2010 regular season, the games are getting increasingly more important. Round 21 will feature important clashes between the Warriors and Titans as well as the Broncos and Dragons, all of which are aiming for top spot.
Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs
The Bulldogs will play host to the Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium on Friday night. The Bulldogs are coming off another loss last week, this time at the hands of the Eels. The Rabbitohs seemed to finally get their game together as they played an impressive second half, to come back and defeat a strong Warriors side.
The Bulldogs are currently in 13th spot, while last week's victory helped the Rabbitohs to secure eighth place.
Panthers vs. Cowboys
The Panthers are at home on Friday against the Cowboys. The Panther are coming off a heart breaking final minute loss to the Titans last week. While the Cowboys played well at home to win a battle of the basement dwellers over the Knights.
The Panthers are currently in second place, still four points behind the Dragons, and the Cowboys remain in 14th.
Eels vs. Roosters
The Eels will host the Roosters at Parramatta Stadium on Saturday hoping to build off their recent success. Last week the Eels handed the Bulldogs a loss in an impressive offensive display. Similarly the Roosters registered a late try to take a Monday night victory over a strong Broncos side.
The Eels are currently in 10th place, while the Roosters are caught in a three-team log jam in second, just four points back of the Dragons.
Wests Tigers vs. Sharks
The Wests Tigers host the Sharks in their round 21 match up at the Leichhardt Oval. The Tigers suffered a tough loss to the Sea Eagles last week, and will be looking to rebound. Similarly the Sharks were disappointed by a hard-hitting Raiders side, who looked strong at home last round.
The Tigers are clumped in with the Roosters and Panther in second, whereas the Sharks would greatly appreciate a win sitting in 15th.
Storm vs. Raiders
The Storm take on the Raiders at home in Melbourne this week, and will be keen to add to last weeks success, which saw them record a win over the Panthers. The Raiders will also be interested in building on their strong play, as they handed a loss to the Sharks in round 21.
The Storm are currently in last position with zero points while the Raiders are in 11th, a victory could shoot them up to seventh place.
Warriors vs. Titans
The Warriors invite the Titans to New Zealand for the leagues second match on Sunday. The Warriors winning streak was broken last week by a strong Rabbitohs side. Conversely the Titans are coming off of a huge upset over the Dragons, which saw them record the victory with a last minute field goal.
The Warriors are currently in sixth position, while the Titans sit right behind them in seventh.
Broncos vs. Dragons
The Broncos have their second home game in as many weeks, as they take on the Dragons in the final game on Sunday. Both teams will want to turn it around after suffering tough losses in round 20. The Broncos were victims of the Roosters, who scored in the 74th minute to steal the win from the home side. The Dragons suffered a similar fate, as the underdog Titans tallied a last minute score that saw them downed 11-10.
The Broncos are currently in ninth, while the Dragons managed to hold on, and remain top of the table.
Knights vs. Sea Eagles
The Monday night match up sees the Knights host the surging Sea Eagles at Energy Australia Stadium. The Eagles will look to build off of a win over the Tigers last week, while the Knights will try and forget their loss to the Cowboys.
The Eagles are currently in fifth spot, while the Knights are struggling in the 12th position.


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