Transfer News: Chelsea target Ramires and Sunderland close in on two deals

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Transfer News: Chelsea target Ramires and Sunderland close in on two deals
Chelsea have been looking to lay their hands on the Brazilian midfielder Ramires. He is currently playing in Portugal for Benfica but the deal may not go through. It is believed that the transfer may be hampered by some Premier League rules.
According to a British newspaper The Sun, Chelsea have made a bid of 20 million pounds but the Premier League may prevent the deal from going through.
The reason that may hamper the deal is that Kia Joorabchian, the agent who was behind Carlos Tevez deal to West Ham owns 50 percent of the player’s contract.
In April Joorabchian made a payment of 5 million pounds to Benfica to get half of the rights of the player. That in effect means that if Ramires is sold the agent will get half of the transfer money.
That is not the end of story, Pini Zahavi who is the lead representative also hold 30 percent share of the player. That means that if Benfica accept the 20 million pounds offer from Chelsea they will only get their hands on 4 million.
All of that is directly against the rules of the Premier league. The rule clearly states that if a player is bought then the fee should go to the club that the player is playing for, rather than other parties.
This is against the rules of the Premier League which states all proceeds from the sale of the player should go to the parent club and not any other party.
A spokesman for the English Premier League said that there is no room for tweaking the rules.  He said that no player can be bought by a club from Premier League if 3rd party ownership is involved in the deal. He added that any transfer deal that an English club is allowed to make must only involve club to club agreements.
The spokesman went on to say that there other leagues in Europe that do allow 3rd party deals. However it is prohibited in the English game.
He said that if Chelsea ignores the clause of Premier League laws, they may be fined a heavy amount.
When the Tevez deal was made by West Ham, Premier League charged them with a fine of 5.5 million pounds.
In some other transfer news, Sunderland is believed to be closing in on 2 deals that will see them sign John Mensah and David James.
Mensah played for Sunderland last season while on loan from Lyon, and is believed to have enjoyed his time in England. Sunderland has said that they are in talks with the French club for another sting for him next season on loan.
The Ghana international player who was also part of his national team in the World Cup in South Africa, impressed manager Steve Bruce and Bruce said that last season he got only 16 games but did make an impression. The manager added that he will want to use him more regularly this season and maybe look to sign him after the loan spell is over.
It is reported that Lyon are interested in selling off Mensah but for now Sunderland are only looking for a loan deal. Steve Bruce said that he will assess the player this season and then decide if they need to sign him.
Bruce said that the loan deal has almost been finalised, and Mensah will be joining the club soon. Bruce is also hopeful that he will be able to attain the services of Portsmouth keeper David James who played for England in the World Cup. He said that James has had loads of experience in the league and will be a great addition to Sunderland.



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