New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora praises Jason Pierre-Paul – NFL News

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New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora praises Jason Pierre-Paul – NFL News
After missing four straight games, New York Giants’ defensive end, Osi Umenyiora, practised for second straight day on Thursday to strengthen his chances of playing against Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. However, he has appreciated his replacement Jason Pierre-Paul
(JPP) and said that the latter deserves to start the game.
“He deserves to be the starter, there is no question about it," he said about JPP.
Osi added:
"The guy is playing as high a level as I've seen a defensive end play in a long time. And I have been here a while. So he deserves to be the starter. Whatever this team needs for me to do, whether it is come in and spot him or rush, whatever they need me
to do, I will go out there and do."
Umenyiora, who is a regular starter for the Giants, missed a few games this season due to different injuries.
At the beginning of the season, he suffered a knee injury that forced him out of three games. Recently, an ankle sprain sidelined him for four games.
He participated in the practice session on a limited basis on Wednesday and did the same on Thursday. He and his trainers are hopeful that he would be fit enough to play the Sunday’s do-or-die game.
Umenyiora has started seven out of eight games he has played this season in which he has recorded 23 tackles and 7.0 sacks.
On the other hand, JPP has also been commendable. He has been nominated for the Pro Bowl 2012 and is having the time of his life in just the second professional year.
Not only that, his performance against the Cowboys earlier in the season has made him a favourable choice to start the game.
In the final minute of the game, he blocked Dan Bailey’s kick, which would have sent the game to overtime had it successfully passed the uprights.
JPP has started 11 games while playing 15 this season. He has 81 tackles and 15.5 sacks to his credit.
Umenyiora has said that he is desperate to play the game on Sunday. However, he maintained that coach, Tom Coughlin, will make a final call.
"Everything is going to be up to Coach Coughlin, it is going to be all his decision. If they need me to play, if they want me to play, I feel I like I might be able to. We will just wait and see," he said.
The Cowboys and the Giants are up for a must-win game where the winner will get the entry into the playoffs.



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