Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Scioscia talks about sloppy play after club loses to Toronto Blue Jays

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Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Scioscia talks about sloppy play after club loses to Toronto Blue Jays
The Los Angeles Angels lost their first game of the series against the Toronto Blue Jays 2-3 on Monday, September 19 at Rogers Centre in Toronto.
The club went on to lose the fixture and it was a performance marred by errors that led the American League West club to lose ground in their chase for the division crown and qualification for the playoffs.
Manager Mike Scioscia was up to the task on talking about his squad’s sloppy play. The skipper made note of the teams’ mistakes on the field, linking them to the concession in runs. Jerome Williams started for the club and he was to blame for the first two
runs as he allowed Edwin Encarnacion to reach second base and Kelly Johnson to safely reach first base on a throwing error.
The other mistake noted by the skipper was Torii Hunter’s misplaced throw in the last play of the game that saw Mike McCoy score the winner against the Angels. Hunter threw the ball to the right of catcher Jeff Mathis when McCoy dove in on the home plate.
The catcher was unable to tag him out in time.
"That's a double play our guys usually turn blindfolded," Scioscia said. "As for the last play, Torii was screened to catch that ball and crow-hopped a throw home. There were some things on the defensive side that eventually swung the momentum of the game
to their side, starting with Jerome and his throw to second. He needed to plant his feet and get an out [at first]."
Williams threw the ball to second base in the fifth, to tag Encarnacion out. His misdirected throw led two men on to base, instead. Maicer Izturis was another target of the manager as the player was unable to deal with Jose Bautista’s ground play in the
last inning. His ball pass to Howard Kendrick was weak. Eric Thames was called out but McCoy had moved onto third base.
"It was a poor feed by Izzy," Scioscia said. "Izzy's got as accurate an arm as you'll find. He got the throw down and Howie had trouble with the transfer."
The Angels have apparently lost their first fixture due to a poor fielding display. Mike Scioscia has made that abundantly clear. He will be now hoping for his team to provide a better performance on the field.



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