Sunburn gone by two days???

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I have a sunburn on my shoulders, and the skin is peeling. i dont have aloe vera or anything that is specially made to get rid of sunburns. and im the first in my family to get a sunburn, so they dont know anything to help. school starts on the 25 and today is the 22. i need it gone asap!




  1. The best thing you can do is go to a true health food/supplements store and buy
    "Gardeners Dream Cream" from Aroma Crystal Therapy.  This is an all natural skin cream with essential oils used for sunburns, rashes, aches & pains, circulation, migraines, and much more.  It has a peppermint type smell that will fade away after afew minutes.  I usually can smell it but my husband can only smell it if I've just put it (I usually cake it on).  I had very itchy legs for years and doctors couldn't give me anything other than uremol and other cortizone creams.  Not interested.  I stumbled upon this as I was trying different things.  It worked for my legs (putting it on morning noon and night) and noticed after 3 days the itching was decreasing.  I continued using it for after sun lotion when we went away.  I use nothing else.  We went to Brazil 4 years ago and someone in our group totally burned atleast 2 layers of skin off his back.  HE WAS SO RAW THE CREAM WOULDN'T COME OFF MY FINGERS BECAUSE IT WAS SLIDING OFF HIS BACK.   His entire back looked like a spread eagle so I started to pat chunks of the cream on and caked it on him before going to bed.  He said he slept great and the next day his wife emptied out a tub of her own cream so I could give her some to take for him.  He said his 18 hours flight home was a dream and the cream worked miracles.  It truly does and this is one thing I totally stand behind.  Here's the link if you can't find it  You won't regret it.  Its the only think me and my husband use everytime we go away.  Someone always around us ends up needing it more than we do.

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