College life vs the real world?

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how is the real world different from college life?




  1. in the Real World there are no rules of fair play.

  2. In college life you are protected and there is heavy security as long as you stay on campus but in the real world you have to watch your own back.  

  3. d**n..

    I just graduated..

    I've been enjoying the summer, but now I'm cracking down on job hunting.

    Finding a career is more important now because I can no longer say, "oh, school starts in the fall, I don't have to be all crazy about finding a great job right now."

    And saving up money is more important now to..

    I mean it depends on lifestyle.

    If you're a crazy spender and you make 6 digits, you may be more 'poor' than someone who is a little better at budgeting.

    So right now I'm more focused on trying to find a job where I can work my way up into a career versus just looking at money..

    It's just stressful haha.

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