Naked what do think of it?

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would you go naked if you new that it was going

to raise money that would save the life of your loved one




  1. If there was no other option without even a second thought

  2. Heck ya

  3. Of course. I would do anything to save my loved one

  4. Yes, I would even if it didn't raise any money.

  5. yeah, I'de go naked anyway (I'm a nudist at heart)

  6. yes I would

  7. yes i would. that took a long time to think of

  8. Er...knew, not new. New is the opposite of old.

    Thumb-down???...It IS!!!

  9. sure way not

  10. If there is no other option, there is no harm for going  naked for raise the money for right cause.

  11. Yeah, h**l Id do it for a 5 spot!

  12. noooooooooooo but ut's depend 2 the situation

  13. IN a heartbeat.

  14. Yes, but no paparazzi please.

  15. Sure thing.

  16. Of course i would. Any thing for my loved ones!!!!

  17. sure, I'm not really ashamed to be naked. don't get me wrong I wouldn't be a nudist as a lifestyle choice . But if it meant my loved one's life would be saved I would pretty much do anything I could to help save their life.

  18. h**l yeah

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