Is this a Problem please tell me your opinion?

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well I'm black and I'm honestly not attracted (at all) to black women.

and i think this is a problem because I'm more so attracted to Mexican and asian women.i can only recall one time when i liked a black woman and the only reason why i did was because she was half white and that played a vital role in me being attracted to her.

but i have a degree of respect for them when they act feminine and lady like please share your opinion




  1. each to their own as they say

  2. It's not a problem. It's a personal choice. I've never been honestly attracted to white men either. I've always gone for Puerto Rican and mixed men. No big deal. It's a preference. The only problem would be if your family isn't so keen on your preference, like mine. But they'll get over it. Don't let others knock you down just because you have a hotter girlfriend than they do. Personality is a key role in it aswell. Sometimes, you just get annoyed with the steryotipical black woman or white man. Lol, it's all about the over-all person and not what others tell you you should like.

    -Later Gator-

  3. take a few for a test drive to see which you like the best

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