I'm Egyptian and I've woken up this morning speaking English and I can't remember any Arabic what shall I do?

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I can't buy any food no one knows what I'm talking about, I have to get to Cairo tomorrow and I can't tell which bus to get, and my family think I've gone mad!




  1. If it isn't a kind of shock then it's a joke.

  2. Go back to sleep and when you awake, presto, you will be speaking Egyptian again.  Simple isnt it!!

  3. Sorry but i don't believe a word of that.

  4. lol funni

  5. omfg

    u're weird!!!

    thats interesting!!howly h**l

  6. You're having a stroke.

    Go to the hospital hahahaha..

  7. I have heard of this from other people before and even experienced it myself, so I know what you're talking about.  I don't know if there's a word for it; I just call it a "lingual brain f**t."  It may just be a temporary thing, due to stress or something and you'll probably be fine as soon as you get "back in practice."

    Edit:  People who aren't bilingual, I don't blame you for not believing him, and he may in fact BE joking, but I assure you that this really can happen.

  8. I'm Endlish & I've woken up this morning speaking Arabic! We should hook up.

  9. open a language school

  10. strange!!

    but maybe why shall i say u r aliar ?

    try 2 ask 4 someone's advice

    just try 2 remember it again

    good luck

  11. doesn't make any sense,  anyway, try asking someone who knows both arabic and english..

  12. Catch the Number 101 and get off at the pyramids.  Ask again there, they all speaka Englese effendi mate.

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