Am I being rude to ask my new girlfriend to get checked for std,s before we get intimate?

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My new gf (who is 31) has had a fair few partners before she met me.

am I being rude to ask her to have a full STD screen before we get "intimate"

I would do the same.

I value my health an awful lot.




  1. You should do it together. That may make her feel better about it.  

  2. Oh no,this is a good idea!!,I don't give a dam if it is rude or not really!!!!

  3. Nope! You go as well. That way everybody is in the clear. We hope!!

    I think more people should get their prospective sexual partners to do this. Well done you!

  4. no thats smart

    just tell her you want to be safe

    just in case

    my friend is 16 and her bf is 17

    and she made him get ne

    but as a joke


  5. When you're ready to get intimate, suggest that you both get checked.

    That way, you won't sound like you're accusing her of anything.

  6. Absolutely not! Your a gem, most guys are too concerned with getting their leg over. Your not only being sensible, your being a gentlemen. Which is rare. Your taking a healthy and sensible interest in your health and hers, seeing as S.T.Ds  are on the rise. Personally I'd be insulted if you didn't ask.  

  7. It's not rude, it's smart.

  8. It may be seen as rude, but it's the smart and safe thing to do, especially if you two have a fair share of experience.  

  9. No, but how would you feel if she asked you? do you know?

  10. That's not rude at all I think all humans who are sexually active should come with papers :0) That's the smartest move you could ever make! Kudos to you smart one!

  11. You are being very smart!  If she sees it as rude, explain to her why you feel this is important, but if she's smart, she won't think twice.

  12. No I think its fine and perfectly reasonable but be sensitive how you suggest it so as not to offend.

  13. thats the best thing u can do for the both of u, remember what u dont know can kill you, so what if she does have it? she could be slowly dying. and what about urself? this is a great way for u to c if she's the right person for u to b with. if she  cares about u, she'll do it no questions asked.  

  14. No.  You're being smart.  

  15. No. Sensible.

  16. Dam right. Unless you want your d**k to fall off, do it.

  17. It is wise, if she says no then she is basically just trying to be with you for the cash, leave her before you get gold digged, if she says ok, then she is an honest person and perhaps the right one.

  18. not its not rude it for the safety of you and her  

  19. rude or not its a smart move

  20. how is protecting your body "rude" ?

    it's not like you are calling her a s**t, but you have to be careful these days. it's 2008 and if you aren't protecting yourself your crazy :)

  21. You should do it and she should not be offended. You also should probably talk about what you would do if she gets pregnet. It is always good to know where both of you stand on that issue before anything happens.

  22. No. As far as you are willing to do the same, I think it's ok.

  23. You're being wise.

    I just assume that you're willing to do the same.

    If she gets irate, then it may be time to find a g/f who doesn't have something to hide.

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