Japan’s Women National Hockey team beat Black Sticks Women’s Development team, 4-2: Hockey Recap

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Japan’s Women National Hockey team beat Black Sticks Women’s Development team, 4-2: Hockey Recap
Japan’s Women National Hockey team defeated New Zealand’s Black Sticks Women’s Development team by 4-2 in first of the five Test match series which is being played at the Gifu Green Stadium in Kakamigahara, Japan from May 24 to 31.
Although it was a determined and strong-willed team's performance by the Black Sticks Development team yet the World Number Nine, Japanese national side won quite comfortably.
The first half of the match fairly belonged to Japan as they scored three goals in in the first half. First of those three goals was scored early, as the match started, when Japanese side was awarded a penalty corner and they made no mistake in converting
it to a goal. The Black Sticks Development team, who played quite abrasive in the first half, soon managed to level the score in 18th minute, when Anna Thorpe made a brilliant effort in a counter-attack and scored an excellent field goal.
However in remaining part of the first half, it was totally the Japanese pace and class for which the Black Sticks Development team had no match. Japanese were outstanding in their defence, attack and especially in the midfield they were match-less for the
Black Sticks. Before the end of first half, Japanese made it 3-1, scoring two goals in a swift sequence.
In the second half, Black Sticks Development team displayed much improved performance and Carli Michelsen opened the score as the second half started, reducing the gap and making it 3-2. It was a penalty corner strike that was perfectly converted into goal.
It was not more than ten minutes after the goal when Japanese made a counter attack and scored a field goal. It was their fourth and also the final of the match. The scores remained 4-2 at end of the match.
Despite their defeat against the class and skills of Japanese there were also some splendid performers for the Black Sticks Development team. Amelia Gibson, the goalkeeper, and Krystal Forgesson played extremely well. Especially the later one helped and
boosted her team in counter attacking Japanese pace and belligerence throughout the entire game.
“Our performance in the second half was much improved. Although at times we panicked on defence, there were phases of play which were really good and individual put in a strong effort with the team showing real potential,” Chris Leslie, the coach of Black
Sticks Development team concluded at the end of the match.
The next match of the five match series is being played today at the same venue while the residual three games will be played on Saturday May 28, Sunday May 29, and Tuesday May 31.



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