Brandon Jennings leads as the Milwaukee Bucks edge out the Minnesota Timberwolves 94-88

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Brandon Jennings leads as the
Milwaukee Bucks edge out the Minnesota Timberwolves 94-88
Brandon Jennings game-high 27 points led the Milwaukee Bucks to a stimulating 94-88 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves at Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI on Sunday night. Kevin Love and Michael Beasley combined for 41 points for
Minnesota, but fouls at the crucial points of the game diminished their incredible effort.
Jennings started the second half of the season with a 7-of-17 shooting performance from the field, two 3-pointers and 11-of-12 free throws.
"Second half of the season so, you know, you have to get a little more serious. We have to come more mentally focused and ready to play”. Brandon Jennings said after the game. Corey Maggette added 20 points to support the star
of the night as Milwaukee Bucks kept their momentum intact.
Carlos Delfino opened the scoring for Bucks with two 3-point shots in less than 1 minute to provide an early advantage in the game. The home team however retaliated and managed to extend the lead to eight points in first period.
The first quarter finished at 26-23 in the Wolves favour.
Bucks lifted the momentum in the second quarter and guided the game towards a first half tie. Both the teams were determined to pull off a win in the first game of the season’s second half and played an aggressive game throughout
the night.
The third quarter depicted a spectacular reprisal from the visiting team as they took 57-48 lead over Milwaukee in less than four minutes of the period. Brandon Jennings however escalated a belligerent surge for the Bucks to cut
down the abrupt deficit and ended the quarter with another tie.
The final quarter was filled with immense anticipation as the teams were tied on 67-67. Both the teams kept their scoring ticking and utilized every opportunity effectively to surpass. Corey Maggette carried the action for Bucks
to provide his team 75-70 lead with 7:53 left on the clock. Minnesota Timberwolves managed to cut down the advantage 89-88 once again with 2 minutes left in the game.
Unluckily, a couple of fouls in the defining moments awarded six free throws to the home team which they converted into a thrilling 94-88 win.
Milwaukee gathered their 22nd victory of the season. They stand at the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference and they need constant wins now to qualify as the season is half way through. They have a big game
on Wednesday against New York. Bucks need to start winning opposing the best teams as well to put themselves in a better situation.



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