Czech pair keeps the hope alive to play in the final round of Novi Sad Masters – Volleyball News

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Czech pair keeps the hope alive to play in the final round of Novi Sad Masters – Volleyball News
Hadrava and Kufa, R. from Czech Republic are currently playing in the Main Draw stage of the 2012 Novi Sad Masters Beach Volleyball tournament.
The duo has lost only one match in the competition so far and has shown a great desire to claw its way to the Final Round of the tournament.
The 11th-seeded Hadrava and Kufa, R. started their journey in Round 1 of the Main Draw on Friday, July 6. Czech duo played its first match against Finland’s Haavisto-Vahela, which turned out to be an early success. The competition was close, but Czechs proved too good for victory. They posted 2-1 (21-19, 19-21, 15-9) on board and claimed success in their first match of the tournament. It took them 56 minutes to dismantle the power of resilient rivals, who put up a real good effort in the match.
With one victory in hand, Hadrava-Kufa, R. moved to Round 2 of the Main Draw, where they crossed paths with compatriots Dumek and Tichy. The other Republican duo had a better ranking in the competition and they used it as a competitive edge. Hadrava and Kufa, R. tried to match their performance with the compatriots, but failed to do so. The match ended with final score of 0-2 (19-21, 19-21), whereas Hadrava-Kufa, R. suffered the loss.
Defeat in Round 2 forced Hadrava-Kufa, R. to appear in third match on the same day. Raged-up Hadrava-Kufa, R. came into contest with Eglseer-Koraimann from Austria and easily managed to down the opponent 2-0 (21-17, 21-12). The Austrian pair could not stay in the way of powerful hits from Czech duo and accepted defeat in two sets. Hadrava-Kufa, R. secured opening set by posting 21-17 and finished the second set at 21-12.
Hence, Hadrava-Kufa, R. claimed 2-1 record on the opening day of the tournament.
Next up, the first match of day-2 featured Czech Republic’s Hadrava-Kufa, R. and Latvia’s Haralds-Armands. The 20th-ranked Latvian pair fought a great battle with Czech duo and did not accept defeat so easily. They lost the first set at 16-21, but created a lot of buzz on the centre court in the second set. Czech team had a tough time to deal with their tricky bump passes. Nonetheless, the victory graced Hadrava-Kufa, R. as they managed to close second set 22-20.
Czech duo is supposed to play one more match on Saturday, which will bring them in competition with Hoidalen-Hordvik from Norway. Hadrava and Kufa, R. have good chemistry between them and they are likely to win the next match.



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