Jaguars’ coach, Del Rio’s job not in question for now – NFL News

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Jaguars’ coach, Del Rio’s job not in question for now – NFL News
Another day and more questions for Jacksonville Jaguars coach Del Rio related to his game strategy and his continuous failing but there is no threat to his job, not for atleast this day.
Facing media in post-game questioning, Jacksonville Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver was specifically asked about the future of Del Rio with the Jaguars, and whether a decision had already been made on that matter.
Weaver however denied having made up their mind about Del Rio. "Now is not the time," he said. "That's for another day."
Del Rio himself also refused to discuss anything about his future or answer any question, if he had called a day with the Jaguars.
"This is not a time to stop and think of selfish things," Del Rio said. "This is a time to continue to commit to the team and do all I can, give all the energy I can to this football team."
In any case, Del Rio faced tough questions about not calling a timeout before failing fourth and second play attempts with one minute and sixteen seconds left for their Texans’ game to end. The coach passed on the blame onto offensive
co-ordinator Dirk Koetter. He said it was him who declined to stop the clock.
Del Rio has also been criticized for continuously sticking with Blaine Gabbert for starting job at quarterback position despite player's regular failing. Gabber started for consecutive eighth times during their game against the
Houston Texans. He had lost all his seven starts before that.
Del Rio however has continued to pose confidence in him. Last week in his comments he justified his decision that Blaine Gabbert had not been given enough opportunities at the position and he expected him to do better in their
next game.
Despite his poor performance, in their last week game against the Texans, he is again holding on to him as a starter at quarterback position.
"I would just say that, right now, Blaine's the quarterback," Del Rio said on Monday. "He's doing some things that are pretty good at times and he's doing some things that he'll need to do better going forward."
Rio has been coaching the Jacksonville Jaguars for past nine years. He, however, has not posted a single winning season since 2007.



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