Russia Invading Georgia? i don't see them anywhere?

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i live in georgia and I keep hearing on the news that Russia has invaded Georgia. I don't see them anywhere and no one seems to be panicking. what's going on? should i be worried




  1. Do not trouble. It is provocation. Misinformation from the frigging Moscow communists. Actually today in a night Russians occupied Honduras and took in the Persian gulf a tanker with marihuanna.

  2. Didn't you notice?  They've overrun the ports of Savannah and they're working their way north to Marietta!  Pretty soon they'll have control of the Smokey Mountain!

  3. I hear they've already withdrawn because of a ceasefire.

    But its good to hear that you've not been affected, perhaps your in too deep, or in an unstategic position or something?

    Anyway best of luck!

  4. You should not only panic but run away in fear.

    I am a Russia soldier and now I am watching in binocular at Atlanta. My platoon soon will attack you! Your National Guard were defeated, do you know why? Because we have bears in our army and these bears are completely drunk!

    To be serious, go to school and ask your geography teacher to shoot you and then he should shoot himself.

  5. They are using cloaking fields, so their tanks are invisible.

  6. They well come to your door pretending to be Jehovah's Witnesses Do your duty as an America My brother is too smart for them one was trying to pass himself off as a paper boy He blasted that sucker right off his bike got his little dog as well d**n proud to be an American

    Atlanta you say Need not worry the russkies well never go in there Y'all make them tour the d**n Coke museum or watch 'Gone with the wind' again

    As an aside I live over the pond and they think we don't get a joke have you read these posts?

  7. They captured Jimmy Carter but the United States wont let them give him back.  They are now in hiding hoping that Cater will just go away.

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