To anyone in the military?

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i'm just curious to hear everyone's MOS (occupation) and how they like it. i'm field artillery. and i love it. only thing i dislike is the bore of maintaining the howitzers but shooting them is a lotta fun.




  1. 11B infantryman, the frontline warriors.  there are only 2 jobs in the military "Infantry and Infantry support."

  2. I became a printer because of the bonus, don;t know what I was thinking. I started out as a reservist and when I went to unitsthat did not have my MOS, they retrained me or sent me to school for naother MOS, I got admin specialist and cook and Supply SGT. When I went active they were trying to change my MOS, but that would mean I would have to go back to AIT and mor etime away from my kids before I could even get to my duty station, so I stuck with the printer MOS. I got stuck at FT Bragg after Panama for the rest of my career. I printed up leaflets that littered other people's country. Most of the time I never did my MOS, they had me driving trucks (The MOS the army wanted ot gove me when I went active duty) and on stupid details by the time 911 jit and they finally deployed me I was like "Whats a press, how do I use it???"

  3. 4N071 (air force medic)

    I love it, currently out in Afghanistan with the Army.  Good times

  4. I was an 0811 (marine artillery), and I loved shooting the Howitzers, but that was all I liked about that MOS. Everything else outweighed what little I liked about Artillery. I also hated the maintenance on them, I hated the down time we often get in the field, talk about boredom and a waste of time, but the thing I hated most was where I was stationed at, Jacksonville N.C. I never seen a town with so many trashy people, and ugly women in my life.

  5. MP and I enjoy every bit of it. I gotta say the smashing in doors and clearing the building like swat is definitely the best. :)

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