Why are certain members of some military branches hateful towards other members of different branches?

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I noticed certain members of certain branches will be spiteful towards other ones? Such as people calling Navy things, or Air Force is for certain people or army and intellegence levels and the Marines wanting to kill everything. Why?




  1. Most of it is just good natured sibling-like rivalry that some take too seriously.

  2. they all want to be the toughest. They work hard as h**l and have differnt duties. So, its like us. We think our job is more important than somone elses and will defend it when talked about. I love ALL our Gmen.  

  3. Well, besides the obvious testosterone thing, the Navy is a safe haven for g**s, the Air Force is more laid back and to the rear, (sorry g**s, wrong rear) and Marines are so fearful of being eliminated that they actually steal credit for the things that other, more specialized units have done. Heartbreak Ridge anybody?

  4. just friendly competition, we are all on the same team in the end

  5. Its a way to pass the time.

  6. ego, and stupidity

  7. Just friendly rivalry.

  8. I don't know... rivalry maybe?

  9. It's not hate - is just a competitive rivalry that really unites us.

    Much like fans of opposing football teams.

    Trust me, when the chips are down all military members are on the same side.

  10. It's a round-about way of showing respect for they fellow servicemen and women. You've got to remember that they are putting their lives at risk everyday and getting squat (or next to it) in return. It's like, What does Marine stand for?







    And I can say that because I was an Oxy-moron! (go figure that one out)

  11. Like your old High school. "My school is better than your school".  

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