2012 London Olympics may cause London a loss in Tourists

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2012 London Olympics may cause London a loss in Tourists

It has been recently revealed by the official agency that promotes tourism in the city of London, that the 2012 Olympics Games are likely to have an adverse effect on the tourism industry next year. In case this happens, the economy of the country will suffer
severe consequences.
According to London and Partners, there are several reasons that visitors may choose not to visit the city of London until the time that that Olympic Games are over.
One reason could be overcrowding. As is expected, the 2012 London Olympics will pull in large numbers of sports fans during the entire month that the Games will be held until the 27th of August. Many people will take up residence in the city prior
to the commencement of the Games.
Visitors that plan to come to the city for reasons other than the Olympics might call off their plans fearing London will be jam-packed with Olympics enthusiasts. The large crowds may lead to no availability of accommodation or rates going sky high for the
few rooms that will be available in hotels. Not only that, people expect the city to be not as beautiful as it usually is thanks to the construction work in progress before the Olympic Games start off next year. Most construction in the city is going to be
connected to the venues required for the events.
Tom Jenkins, the chief executive of the European Tour Operators Association, gave the following statements: "I think the worse case scenario is effectively a close-down of London as a tourist destination for five to seven weeks. This will cause real damage.
The ramifications are going to affect everybody in tourism throughout the British Isles and Ireland. The fact is that London has been largely removed as a gateway for a seven-week period of high season."
According to some economists, it is predicted that the city of London may be looking at a loss of £375m. Of the total loss, some is forecast to occur to people delaying or cancelling their plans to visit or moving out of the city until the time the Olympic
Games are over.



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