Wang Han conquers qualifying round of Women's 1m Springboard – 2011 World Diving Championships

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Wang Han conquers qualifying round of Women's 1m Springboard – 2011 World Diving Championships
Wang Han of China conquered the qualifying rounds of the Women’s 1m Springboard Individual Diving on the second day of the 2011 World Diving Championships, which are taking place in Shanghai.
The second spot of the qualifying rounds was occupied by Chinese diver, s**+ Tingmao, who was marginally away from Han. The Chinese divers have been proving their dominance in the diving events from day one of the World Championships, as the duo of Wu Minxia
and He Zi won the gold medal of Women's 3m Synchronised Springboard on the initial day of the event. With the current performance of swimmers from China, the country is sure to end the meet with an impressive medal tally.
Chinese diver, Han, gained the top qualification spot into the final by earning a stupendous score of 306.60 points. She was followed by her team-member, Tingmao, who remained almost 12 points behind her and entered the finals with an acknowledging effort
of 294.65 points. The third qualification spot was secured by Australian diver, Stratton Sharleen, who followed them into the final round with a third best effort of 282.45 points.
They were followed by Johnston Abby of USA, who failed to occupy the third qualification spot with a difference of 0.05 points and was named as the fourth best qualifier, as she scored a total of 282.40 points. Lindberg Anna of Sweden was the fifth finest
qualifier of the 1m discipline, as she stayed almost 6 points away from Abby and achieved a score of 276.05 points.
Marconi Maria Elisabetta of Italy was the sixth qualifying diver, as she remained 11.80 points behind Anna and scored a total of 264.25 points. Bazhina Nadezda of Russia earned the seventh qualification spot into the final, as she scored 262.75 points. The
final spot of the event was secured by Nadezda’s team-member, Pozdniakova Anastasia, who entered the finals after earning 260.00 points.
The session concluded after the preliminary rounds, while the finalists will once again compete with each other in the ultimate phase to secure a podium finish in the 1m Springboard event.



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